Julius Ceasar Pub

Via Castelfidardo, 49, Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
1 review

This is actually a pretty chill, laid back bar. I'm only speaking of the bar area, not the B&B. They make really good kamikazee's, or any mixed drink rather. That's more their specialty than beer. It's darkly lit, and not too loud, but not quiet enough that you hear aeveryone else. There's no dancing, but there is light music playing. ...

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  • 61
    2.53 mi

    St Peter's Basilica

    Piazza San Pietro, 00165 Rome, Italy
    2.53 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    159 reviews

    Quite beautiful and grand. Can't believe something like this exists! Worth checking out if you're already in Vatican City-- it's free. If you want to pay to go to the top, that gives you some of the best views of Rome. I didn't do it, but it's worth checking out if you're interested in that!

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  • 62
    1.12 mi

    Spanish Steps

    Rome, Italy
    1.12 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    163 reviews

    Good to visit to get a view of the city. Beware of pick-pocketers (as always-- if someone tries to give you something "for free," they probably will chase after you and demand money). That said, nothing to go out of your way for, just some place to chill if you'd like!

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  • 63
    2.47 mi

    Sistine Chapel

    Viale Vaticano, Rome 00165 Italy
    2.47 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    111 reviews

    You'll appreciate seeing famous scenes (like the Creation of Adam) in person. It's at the end of a VERY long museum tour, so you may be tired by the time you get to the chapel. But don't rush yourself. The guards will try to keep you from stopping in the walkways, so just step off to the side so you ...

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  • 64
    2.45 mi

    Vatican Museums

    Citta del Vaticano, Terrasini 00193 Italy
    2.45 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    117 reviews

    Probably the most important collection of religious artwork in the entire world. For starters, the Vatican Museums are home to the Sistine Chapel, the most famous artwork of the Renaissance. Raphael's School of Athens is another important work. My favorite exhibits were actually the modern religious artwork. We are so often focused on past centuries when considering religious art that ...

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  • 65
    2.32 mi

    Saint Peter's Square

    Piazza San Pietro, 00120 Vatican City, Holy See
    2.32 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    122 reviews

    You pass through Saint Peter's Square on the way in to the Vatican. It's fairly good sized, and it was fairly empty when we were there, it would have been impressive (and probably impossible to move through) if we had been there when the Pope was addressing the crowd.

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  • 66
    2.0 mi


    Viale di Trastevere, Rome 00153 Italy
    2.0 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    85 reviews

    I stayed in this neighborhood when I visited Rome. It's supposed to be up and coming-- it's more quiet, but there are some areas that's more happening with food and nighttime activities. That said, I liked the area.

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  • 67
    1.84 mi

    Castel Sant'Angelo

    Lungotevere Castello 50, 00186 Rome, Italy
    1.84 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    84 reviews

    The Mausoleum of Hadrian, usually known as Castel Sant'Angelo, is a towering cylindrical building in Parco Adriano, Rome, Italy. It was initially commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family.

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  • 68
    1.23 mi

    Piazza Venezia

    Piazza Venezia, Rome 00187 Italy
    1.23 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    85 reviews

    Busy road junction in the centre of the old city that contains the Vittorio Emanuelle Monument as well as the Palazzio Venezia from whose balcony Mussolini used to make his speeches.

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  • 69
    1.37 mi

    Piazza del Popolo

    Piazza del Popolo, Rome 00186 Italy
    1.37 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    82 reviews

    Fun place to go for a few hours. Nothing to do with the People's Piazza. It's about popular trees nearby. Serves as a monument to Roman imperialism with some obelisks that were nicked from the Egyptians.

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  • 70
    1.25 mi

    Arch of Constantine

    Via di San Gregorio, 00186 Rome, Italy
    1.25 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    82 reviews

    The Arch of Constantine (Italian: Arco di Costantino) is a triumphal arch in Rome, situated between the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill. It was erected by the Roman Senate to commemorate Constantine I's victory over Maxentius at the Battle of Milvian Bridge on October 28, 312.[1] Dedicated in 315, it is the latest of the existing triumphal arches in Rome, ...

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  • 71
    1.7 mi

    Campo de' Fiori

    Piazza Campo de' Fiori, Rome 00186, Italy
    1.7 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    61 reviews

    A very special place for young people and group of friends that want to make yourself happy and relaxed after a long walk trough the historic center.

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  • 72
    1.23 mi

    Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II

    Piazza Venezia 3, Rome 00187 Italy
    1.23 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    43 reviews

    Nicknamed in Rome as the wedding cake, the monument to the first king of Italy is famous for the breathtaking view from the roof terrace! Prices Elevator: € 7 (reduced tickets € 3,50) Opening time: Mon-Thur 9:30 AM - 5:45 PM; Fri-Sun 9:30 AM - 6:45 PM

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  • 73
    1.86 mi

    Ponte Sant'Angelo

    Ponte Sant'Angelo, Rome 00193, Italy
    1.86 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    49 reviews

    Great place for a leisurely, romantic walk and a picturesque setting. Plenty of proposals here, but also great views of the city and Vatican city for those with less grand plans.

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  • 74
    1.42 mi

    Palatine Hill

    Piazza Santa Maria Nova 53, Rome 00186 Italy
    1.42 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    39 reviews

    How big is the historic center of Rome! You can not come to Rome and not visit the Paladin! need a one month holiday if you want to see at least half of the nice things about Rome!

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  • 75
    1.31 mi

    Piazza del Campidoglio

    Piazza del Campidoglio, Rome 00186, Italy
    1.31 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    29 reviews

    This piazza is fun to explore, and there is always a vibrant crowd of tourists, government officials and people just looking to get some fresh air. The best time to come here is on the weekends when official business is generally light. This is a great piazza for the kids to walk around and see the different statues, buildings and ...

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  • 76
    1.13 mi

    Via dei Fori Imperiali

    Via dei Fori Imperiali, Rome 00186 Italy
    1.13 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    22 reviews

    A walk through the Roman forum is two feeling simultaneously. First there's the sense of awe at being in the epicenter of ancient Roman culture. Here was held Caesar's funeral and here the Romans chased out their last king. At the same time there's a sadness in that much of the forum is an incomprehensible jumble of random columns and ...

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  • 77
    1.12 mi

    Via dei Condotti

    Via dei Condotti, Rome 00187 Italy
    1.12 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    27 reviews

    Via dei Condotti, directly opposite the Spanish Steps, is home to many of the biggest names in fashion and jewellery. Along the network of picturesque streets in either direction are scores of other shops where your credit card will take a battering.

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  • 78
    1.57 mi

    Fountain of the Four Rivers

    Piazza Navona, Rome 00186, Italy
    1.57 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    24 reviews

    Gorgeous Bernini statue that is justifiably one of Rome's best loved fountains. Gorgeous details, stunning to behold, especially at night. Romantic yet transfixing.

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  • 79
    1.58 mi

    Moro Fountain

    Piazza Navona, Rome 00186, Italy
    1.58 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    24 reviews

    One of rome's most charming fountains. Great in all weather and amidst one of the most inviting squares. During the summer, it's also a nice place to cool down.

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  • 80
    1.67 mi

    Circus Maximus

    Via del Circo Massimo, Rome 00153 Italy
    1.67 mi from Julius Ceasar Pub
    40 reviews

    This is just too cool. Put yourself back into the minds of the ancient Roman games. Great place to picnic or just to enjoy the Roman sun and to contemplate the grandeur of it all.

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