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Margaret Seelie recommended Silverbow Inn
Silverbow Inn120 2nd Street, Juneau, AK 99801
The Silverbow is much more than an inn, it is a cafe, bakery, cinema, art gallery, and great place to meet people. The cafe was quaint and artsy with local art adorning the walls and a small cinema ... read more
showing old movies. The Silverbow offers a community for travelers and locals to mingle and meet.
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Margaret Seelie

Hi Kathleen, I camped by the Mendenhall Glacier when I was in Juneau, but I fell in love with this little Inn that is located a few blocks from the beaten path. It is within walking distance of town and near most of the bus lines. Don't forget, hitchhiking is another way to get around ;)

Margaret Seelie recommended Hangar On the Wharf
Hangar On the Wharf2 Marine Way # 106, Juneau, AK
Just a few blocks down from the tourist area is where the locals go for some great Alaskan fare and extensive beer selection. The Hangar On the Wharf also boasts an awesome waterfront view with ... read more
outside seating where you can watch float planes arrive and depart.
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Margaret Seelie

This place is only a few blocks from the Silverbow Inn, and has a great local vibe!

Margaret Seelie recommended Mendenhall Glacier
When you emerge from the woods after a mild hike this huge sleeping giant is there for you to touch, walk on, and marvel. Mendenhall Glacier will come to life when you pitch your tent up next to it ... read more
and spend the night. If you lay real still you can hear it shifting, creaking, and dripping all night long. Witness its blue glow under a clear night sky.
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Margaret Seelie

I think you can take a bus to this glacier for a day hike.

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