Kanpai Japanese Sushi Bar

8325 Lincoln Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
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  • Kanpai Japanese Sushi BarPro 2014

    Excellent sushi. Very fresh and delicious in a very unassuming location by the airport. Great selection of sake. Sashimi portions were generous.

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  • Kanpai Japanese Sushi Bar

    I absolutely love this place and I literally crave this place everyday while I am at work... after going there one time for lunch.

    I wouldn't order anything else other than the Chirashi lunch special and the uni oyster with caviar. It's pretty pricey when you order both, but it's pretty much all my favorite food put together in one meal.

    Chirashi lunch special consisted of 3 bowls. First one a normal chirashi with 7 or 8 different sashimi on top such as salmon, hamachi, toro and also UNI!. Second bowl is eel bowl ( I LOVE EEL ) and the third is chopped up toro and white fish with Ikura. mMmMmm!!! Uni oyster with caviar is exactly what it is. Uni on top of Oyster dressed with caviar.... mMmMmm!!!

    Pricey, but worth every penny! I think I'm going to go there today :)

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  • Kanpai Japanese Sushi BarPro 2014
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    It has excellent, fresh, and hard to find sushi, most not found in other sushi-ya in California. And to prove how fresh it is, they offer several LIVE sushi, like Uni, and Ama-Ebi, and Scallops.

    They also have samplers, sort of like flights of sushi, where you can try 4 different Salmon or Yellowtail varieties. The service is good, as they usually have 4 sushi chefs on the weekend, and 2 -3 waiters too.

    However, I drop it down half a star because I think it is not the best value. Yes, the sushi is incredibly fresh, and we had the LIVE Ama-Ebi with the heads and the feelers moving as we ate it! And yes, Peter, the manager, is great and has an Omakase "adventurous" rating system, going up from 1 - 10 on how exotic you can bear your delicacies. ( 9 is probably tops in the US, as 10 would include things like whale, which I was forced to eat in Japan once, so I am maybe 9.5? Fugu would get me 10.)

    But the sushi are not regulation Japanese size. They are fashioned a little more like a Korean owned place trying to impress Caucasians, with thinner than Japanese slices and much smaller than Japanese rice balls, and a little bit too Ponzu happy. Call me a purist, maybe a dimwit who knows enough to be dangerous, but that is my feeling.

    But I presume they do this to keep the prices from getting outrageous, as the freshness of their wide variety is not easy to maintain at bargain prices. So I respect that too.

    After all, I keep coming back!

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