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    On the east side of Kauai and the so-called "Coconut Coast," Kapaa is a busy place. Locals come to do business, hang out and go shopping, while tourists eat, shop, drink and amble back and forth to the beach. A lot of vacation rentals and B&Bs are scattered around Kapaa, but if you want something more peaceful, look further north toward Kilauea and Hanalei on the North Shore.

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Kauai's second largest town is more like a village. King of the sugar industry when Kauai had a sugar industry (the remaining hold out company left in 2009), Kapaa now hosts almost a dozen hotels and many restaurants. The beach is magnificent, and made better yet by a beachfront bike and walking path (several companies and hotels in Kapaa rent or lend bikes for adults and kids). While it's ... read more
well-loved by tourists, it's on a laid-back Kauai scale.

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