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    • MirafloresCosta central, Lima Peru
      Ivan Tolj recommended Miraflores
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      Ivan Tolj

      best place to stare at the sea take pictures and go to the nearby mall

    • Astrid y GastónCalle Cantuarias 175, Lima Peru
      Ivan Tolj recommended Astrid y Gastón
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      Ivan Tolj

      best reestaruant in lima ! Astrid and Gaston are a couple both chef Astrid is into desserts and Gaston well he brought peruvian food to a world class level cuisine they have many restaruants in lima but this one is a most dont forget to ask for the ceviche and lechón

    • Soniala rosa lozano y tirado, Lima, Peru
      Sophia Aduana recommended Sonia
      This cevicheria, set in what seems to look like a personal residence, can be an elusive location. However once you are in Chorillos, ask around for the restaurant Sonia and anyone will be able to ... read more
      point it out to you. There is no big sign. You will know you are in the right spot when you hear faint music and see a small fishing boat outside the building. A man stands near the door to lead to the BEST CEVICHE IN THE WORLD. Sonia and her fisherman husband Freddy have been running this restaurant for over 30 years. It is hard to stray from the ceviches, but all of their seafood offerings are traditional fisherman preparations. I suggest trying the ceviche de conchas negras as well as the typical ceviche de pescado. Freddy not only catches the servings of the seafood - on a daily basis, of course - but he is also a poet. It is not uncommon to see him walk in the restaurant with his catch and take over the band's mic to recite one of his poems - at my visit, his poem was about his love for Peru. And that's pretty much what sealed my love for the country as well...
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    • La RedLima, Peru
      Yellonero recommended La Red
      This restaurant in Miraflores is mostly known for its ceviche and its seafood but the tapas are also quite delicious!
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    • La Mar CebicheriaAv. La Mar 770, Lima
      Elvira Vanag recommended La Mar Cebicheria
      Cebicheria La Mar is considered to be one of the best ceviche restaurants in Lima. They don’t take reservations, so be prepared to wait, as the restaurant is often very crowded. One other note – they ... read more
      don’t have menus in English, so if you don’t know some Spanish and are not too adventurous to make random choices from the menu then either do some homework looking at their online menu with a translating tool or don’t go at all. The ceviche dishes there are amazing – very fresh and uniquely prepared. Presentation is great as well. The atmosphere adds to an overall great experience.
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