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    • Sebo517 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA
      Pro 2014
      Albert Qian recommended Sebo
      Sebo is not your typical Japanese restaurant. Here you will find no California Rolls, Philadelphia Rolls or ramen. If you've seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi on Netflix, Sebo is that in America in real life. ... read more
      I had a uni ($6), Miso Soup ($4) and one of the Negishima ($12). The food was very flavorful, traditionally made and you get a very Japanese feel. I will definitely come back when I have the budget and try the Tasting Menu or the Sashimi combination.
      Recommended for:Foodies
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    • Ino Sushi22 Peace Plz # 510, San Francisco, CA
      JohnMichael recommended Ino Sushi
      Have you ever watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi? Well this is the SF version of Jiro... from the quality of fish, to the strict no cell phone at the sushi bar, all the way down to the old guy behind the ... read more
      counter. It's quite amazing how this non descript sushi restaurant is located in the Japantown mall, if memory serves me, above the Daiso. I love that place and I try to go there whenever I'm in the area. Oddly enough, its the best Ankimo I've ever tried. I think it might have something to do with it being soaked in sake... yeah, it has something to do with being soaked in sake. Whatever the case, its the sweetest ankimo I have ever tried and has ruined me for all futures versions. I've always been fortunate to be able to get a seat in without reservation. But if you're on a time restraint you might want to RSVP first. Good luck and good eating! ;D
      Recommended for:Foodies
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      Hope its still good as I remember!

    • Zushi-Puzzle1910 Lombard Street, San Francisco, CA
      Pro 2014
      Travis Katz recommended Zushi-Puzzle
      Rated in Zagat and the Michelin Guide. Zushi Puzzle has some of the best sushi in the Marina District. Try the albacore and yellow tail hamachi, or any of the specialty roles. The atmosphere is simple ... read more
      and unassuming, but the food is great.
      Recommended for:Foodies
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    • Akiko's Resturant431 Bush St, San Francisco, CA
      JoAnne Kao recommended Akiko's Resturant
      Best sushi restaurant in SF. Price can add up but you will not be disappointed. The chefs are so nice and friendly. Go at lunch time, sit at the bar and you'll get a great lesson on sushi and general ... read more
      life. Dinner time, get the chef's menu.
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    • Sakana605 Post St, San Francisco
      Lisette Climb recommended Sakana
      For the true locals! This is your sushi place. Hands down my favorite-- all though Tataki on Divisadero is unbelievable-- Sakana knows how to please their customers. Not only that but when you ask for ... read more
      something in particular (like for food allergies) they actually listen to you! Their sushi selection and main entrees are so tasty and unlike most places that fluctuate on quality they do not! Sakana has 2 main sushi artists and at least one of them is always there most of the time both. This is the spot if you are a true sf foodie. Open Late!
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