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Jun 14, 2012 - Jul 01, 2012

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    • Ngorongoro CraterNgorongoro, Tanzania
    • Mbalageti Safari CampSerengeti National Park, Tanzania
    • Seronera Wildlife LodgeCentral Serengeti | Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Serengeti National Park 2633, Tanzania
    • Tarangire Safari LodgeTarangire National Park, Tanzania
    • Darajani Market Market Street, Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania
      Summer Wilms recommended Darajani Market
      This is a really fun place to explore. Definitely bring a camera (just make sure to ask before you snap any portraits). Also, a GREAT place to buy spices and teas. You'll pay at least double at the ... read more
      gift shops or plantations.
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      kfinn thanked Summer Wilms for this recommendation.
      Summer Wilms

      If you do a spice and city tour this is usually included.

    • The Africa House HotelShangani Street, Stone Town, Tanzania
      Summer Wilms recommended The Africa House Hotel
      It might be a bit overpriced, but this is a pretty special place to have a sundowner. There's nothing like sipping a pina colada as you watch the sun set - and the view here is great for that. My ... read more
      recommendation is splurge a bit on the drinks here, then save money on dinner and hit the night market for some Zanzibar "pizzas".
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    • Summer Wilms recommended Gombe Stream National Park
      I'd been wanting to go here for years before I got the chance and the experience did not disappoint. There's a good deal of trekking involved but the opportunity to be so close to these incredible ... read more
      primates is totally worth the effort. The guides are wonderful and the cost is quite reasonable considering how special the experience is.
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    • Zanzibar Night MarketForodhani Gardens, off Mizingani Road
      Summer Wilms recommended Zanzibar Night Market
      I travel to Zanzibar a lot an no trip to Stone Town is ever complete without a visit to the Night Market... sometimes three nights in a row. The nightly market is a favorite among both locals and ... read more
      tourists and it's easy to understand why. Even if you're not interested in eating the food the vendors have on offer, the colorful displays of seafood and snacks are a fantastic feast for the eyes. If you are willing to sample some of the fare (and I highly recommend it) make sure to try a Zanzibar pizza and wash it down with some freshly squeezed sugar cane juice.
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    • Baxter Jackson recommended Serengeti National Park
      Serengeti National Park is like stepping into the 'Lion King.' There's even a rocky outcropping near one entrance that's known as Simba's Perch (or something to that effect). At any moment I expected ... read more
      the lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants and hippos to break into a Disney number ala 'Hakuna Matata' (something which people actually say in Tanzania). The hyenas barking and snorting about our campsite at night would have been scary if I hadn't been dead to the world from a day of living in 'Animal Planet.'
      Recommended for:
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    • Baxter Jackson recommended Arusha
      If you're down to get your Serengeti safari on, or plan to indulge in your Ernest Hemingway fantasies by ascending to the snows of Kilimanjaro, all roads lead to Arusha. Finding a guide or a tour ... read more
      operator to help you is strictly 'hakuna matata.' Getting a good deal is another story. An insider tip - round up other interested parties before you start talking numbers with a Safari Outfitter. Oh yeah, and avoid the shadows at night, it's a jungle out there!
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    • Baxter Jackson recommended Stone Town
      The narrow, back alleyways of Stone Town of Zanzibar are filled with glimpses into the time of the Sultan, of his harem and of the dhows that still sail nearby, shadows casting themselves permanently ... read more
      onto the local psyche. If that's not enough for ya, then take into account that Sir Freddy Mercury (of Queen fame) was born here and thus a pilgrimage to Stone Town is absolutely essential for die hard Queen fans (kick back a couple of cold ones at Freddy's for the full effect).
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      Baxter Jackson

      Don't miss this one with the missus - photos delight!

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