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What Kiribati (pronounced Keer-ree-baas) lacks in economic development, it makes up for in natural beauty. From world-class fishing to cultural activities and World War II historic sites, the tiny island nation offers a compact number of activities, all unique. Consisting of 33 coral formations located 4000 km southwest of Hawaii, this modest island nation in the Pacific houses slightly over ... read more
100,000 people. Aside from Christian holidays, locals also celebrate the nation’s Independence Day and the annual Kiribati Festival, a festival of family and culture. Learn the Te Kaimatoa (standing dance) or the Te Buki (hip dance) while the local folk music of chanting and body percussions complement in rhythm. Additionally, numerous fishing competitions on the island of Betio are held throughout the year. (With over 509 local species of fish, you won’t feel bad for tasting a few fillets.) Villages solve their problems in Maneaba meeting houses governed by elders in the traditional manner, but in one way, Kiribati is truly futuristic: Due to its location, Kiribati is the first place on the planet to celebrate each new year.

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