Ko-Hyang San-Chun

2 reviews

Located in a run-down strip mall, we ordered the spicy pork... to say the least, it definitely wasn't what we expected, as the pork was a light red color, unlike the normally deep red color of the spicy pork that is usually found elsewhere. It tasted decent but nothing spectacular. The appetizers were somewhat disappointing, though. This place really wasn't ...

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  • 61
    19.95 mi

    Zuni Cafe

    19.95 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    33 reviews

    I must be missing something. I have been here twice and felt exactly the same way. I tried the World Famous Burger and while it was tasty, it really wasn't the Best burger I have ever had. Add the fact that there is almost always a wait and that the service was lackluster both times and I think I am ...

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  • 62
    15.41 mi

    Cafe Borrone

    15.41 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    35 reviews

    Get the spinach salad. I'm seriously. As I've heard it, most of the food here is pretty good. My personal favorite is, of course, the spinach salad with avocado. Great spot for lunch or breakfast with ample outdoor seating for enjoying the oft-beautiful Palo Alto weather.

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  • 63
    19.42 mi


    19.42 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    32 reviews

    I really love this place. I'm one of those people that loves to try as many different things as possible during a single sitting, so the small dishes fit my style. I've yet to try one I didn't love. They mix amazing cocktails here as well. Best part...they're open until 1AM. Upscale late night dining. It's rare in this town ...

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  • 64
    19.27 mi

    El Farolito

    19.27 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    28 reviews

    This is my favorite spot for 2 a.m. greasy fare after a night of partying. The portions are ridiculously generous, the prices are low, and the food is absolutely delicious. My San Diego upbringing means that I grew up eating carne asada and this is the best I've found in San Francisco. I always split the quesadilla para dos with ...

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  • 65
    15.64 mi

    Zachary's Chicago Pizza

    15.64 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    29 reviews

    I've only tried a few places with deep dish pizza, so I have yet to get used to the concept of the sauce being on top. Probably shouldn't make a big deal out of it, because everything will end up in the same place. That place being my tummy. I totally get why Zachary's draws the masses in. Orders are ...

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  • 66
    15.33 mi


    15.33 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    28 reviews

    One of my favorite restaurants in downtown Palo Alto. They do take out too but it's much nicer to eat at the restaurant.

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  • 67
    19.59 mi

    Wayfare Tavern

    19.59 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    28 reviews

    I enjoyed my dining experience here- a very classy ambiance and delightful American fusion cuisine. Great burgers for those who like the classic take on burgers and fries were great.

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  • 68
    15.79 mi

    Pampas Palo Alto

    15.79 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    31 reviews

    There aren't too many Brazilian BBQ places in the Bay Area that are worthy of mentioning, I know of one other in San Mateo but this place is definitely one of the top candidates. Modern and contemporary decor, live jazz band, and oh ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT! Come here for a romantic dinner or come here for a party, either way I think ...

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  • 69
    19.36 mi

    La Mar Cebicheria Peruana

    19.36 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    31 reviews

    After trying (and loving) La Mar Cebicheria in Lima, I was really looking forward to try this offspring of famous Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio. While I really enjoyed the food here, the restaurant experience in Lima was more authentic and exciting. The drawback here was the enormous size of the place, though it didn’t feel too crowded and the noise ...

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  • 70
    18.09 mi

    The Cheese Board Pizza Collective

    18.09 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    27 reviews

    I remember when Cheeseboard Pizza was just a little a nook along the street front and sitting on the grassy middle divider on Shattuck was a necessity rather than a choice. I still love that they do great pizzas with awesome ingredients. It's one pizza a day and they do occasional live music.

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  • 71
    19.38 mi

    Sightglass Coffee

    19.38 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    25 reviews

    On a hipster scale of SF coffee shops, Sightglass is definitely in the highest quadrant, but don't let that stop you from paying this place a visit. I'll admit, there isn't much to see in the surrounding streets, but if you're in the area or you seek a cool place for a quick coffee meeting, this is the place. First, ...

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  • 72
    15.66 mi

    Coupa Cafe

    15.66 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun

    Addicted to the marron which is a triple shot of Venezuelan espresso beans. Love that the baristas write names and make designs on the froth - it's super cute!

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  • 73
    19.97 mi

    The Stinking Rose

    19.97 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    29 reviews

    Decorated in the american dinning style - and by that I mean numerous pictures and photos on all the walls, the first thing that strikes is the Garlic smell that kills your smell when you enter. The Stinking Rose is specialized in Garlic, so everything comes with Garlic flavors (even shots and ice creams). I must say that the food ...

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  • 74
    18.84 mi


    18.84 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    27 reviews

    Waterbar is famous for its $1 oysters during happy hour which runs everyday (including weekends!) from 11:30 to 5:30 PM. Although Waterbar serves a wonderful selection of oysters from all over the United States, only one or two types of oysters are available for the $1 special. Oyster size was large and freshness exceptional. From Monday to Fridays you will ...

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  • 75
    19.1 mi

    Flour + Water

    19.1 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    27 reviews

    This is an award winning chef and my favorite for pasta but on the other side of town. You will need a reservation or show up at 5pm and wait in line. They have a few seats open at five for walk ins.

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  • 76
    19.93 mi

    The Tonga Room

    19.93 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    31 reviews

    Tonga Room is beautiful indeed. The indoor pool with a center gazebo along with the band is pretty darn cool. They even have artificial rain that comes down every so often, giving the place a tropical feel. The website says that we had to pay a cover to get in but we went on a weekday and since it was ...

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  • 77
    19.72 mi

    R & G Lounge

    19.72 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    28 reviews

    This Chinatown restaurant was recommended by my friend, who is a local there. They told me to try their crab as it's the best crab in the area because they fry it very differently. I did and it was so delicious. Make sure to stop by here if you're in Chinatown San Francisco.

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  • 78
    18.72 mi

    Twenty Five Lusk

    18.72 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    25 reviews

    Similar to New York bars in meat packing district but inside it is very scandanavian. The lounge area have nice sofas and stainless steel chimneys, which make it very comfy and cozy place to have a drink.

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  • 79
    19.96 mi

    Mission Beach Cafe

    19.96 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    23 reviews

    I came to Mission Beach Cafe on a Wednesday at 9:45 a.m., a rare time when there was no wait (though shortly after, the place began to be flooded as usual). It was a great dining experience, with delicious, savory breakfasts (I ordered the Wild Mushroom Benedict) and nice, natural light beaming through the windows. Despite all of the people ...

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  • 80
    19.11 mi


    19.11 mi from Ko-Hyang San-Chun
    22 reviews

    An elegant restaurant with lovely old-style decor and superb food. I've only eaten lunch here, which is truly a great dining experience and a bit more affordable.

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