Kota Station

Kota, Jakarta, Indonesia
1 review

The Art Deco exterior offers up a little bit of eye candy amidst some of the grit. No need to seek it out but something to see / keep an eye out for.

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  • 61
    4.62 mi

    Nanny's Pavillon - Bathroom

    4.62 mi from Kota Station
    1 review

    The restaurant is famous for it's quirky design. They have a few restaurant branches and each branch has different theme to it, this particular one at Pacific Place Mall has "a bathroom" design.

  • 62
    4.57 mi


    4.57 mi from Kota Station
    1 review

    Thai restaurat with nice ambience and good food at Plaza Senayan

  • 63
    1.39 mi

    Kinokawa Menara Thamrin

    1.39 mi from Kota Station
    1 review

    It is a well hidden treasure! In my opinion, this is the best sushi restaurant in town. The chef prepares the sushi creatively and the taste uniquely delicious. Don't be surprised when you see the bill, there will be so many zeros! It is pricey by Indonesian standard but with this first class quality food, it is worth paying (by ...

  • 64
    2.56 mi


    2.56 mi from Kota Station

    This is one of the best hotel buffets in Jakarta located inside the Shangri-La hotel. Great selection of food from local, Asian and Western cuisine. What I like is they have a little 'jamu' corner which is Indonesian traditional health drink. Also lots of dessert options, and love the teppanyaki service for the ice cream bar. Definitely must try if ...

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  • 65
    1.35 mi

    Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto & Patisserie

    1.35 mi from Kota Station
    1 review
  • 66
    1.87 mi

    Queen's Tandoor Restaurant

    1.87 mi from Kota Station
    1 review
  • 67
    1.96 mi

    Sari Ratu

    1.96 mi from Kota Station
    1 review

    It's one of my favorite padang restaurants! they serve all the food on the table (you don't have to order and don't get shocked) but you will pay whatever you eat only (the highlight is to see how the waiter can carry about 10 plates on their arms). The food typically is spicy, especially the green chilli paste.

  • 68
    4.94 mi

    Chung Gi Wa

    4.94 mi from Kota Station
    1 review

    Great Korean BBQ at reasonable price. Lots of meat options including pork. They have several branches now in Jakarta, but the one in Dharmawangsa is the best. Although spacious, the place can get really full so pepare to wait during dinner rush hour.

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  • 69
    4.2 mi

    Gyu kaku Jakarta

    4.2 mi from Kota Station
    1 review

    Love the BBQ wagyu beef here and the view towards the roundabout - especially in the evening

  • 70
    2.87 mi

    Motel Mexicola

    2.87 mi from Kota Station
    1 review

    the most ambitious and grandest place to have opened to date. From Taco to Mojitos. If you’re staying in Seminyak, you really must try it. It’s not beachfront area.. but eating in Bali has become so much more than just beach and mountain views now. Fun!

  • 71
    4.24 mi

    Pandor jakarta

    4.24 mi from Kota Station
    1 review

    It has two outlets in Jakarta and is among the first international restaurants (quite popular in the past among expats) in Jakarta. Today, it is visited equally by locals. Quality of food has not changed over these years. One of my favorite is their local food called bacang. Steamed and stuffed sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves. Their cookies are ...

  • 72
    1.17 mi

    Caza Suki Restaurant

    1.17 mi from Kota Station
    1 review

    Makan siang wakkkkk

  • 73
    4.24 mi

    The Cafe by Amuz

    4.24 mi from Kota Station
    1 review

    I love this clean looking Cafe by Amuz. I didn't have lunch as I went there in the afternoon for coffee, and I must say that I am impressed by the quality and presentation of the food! Well done - I'd definitely come back for lunch or dinner

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  • 74
    1.45 mi


    1.45 mi from Kota Station
    1 review

    Ambience, decor, service & food were all good. Has an exotic authentic feel from cutlery to decor. A bit pricey but it is quite worth it. The lamb berani rice is my fav. Very tasty , without the usual gamey lamb taste. Tender lamb meat n aromatic rice. But the fish tikka was quite fishy, dry and unimpressive. I took ...

  • 75
    1.96 mi

    Nasi Uduk

    1.96 mi from Kota Station

    food in here is delicious

  • 76
    3.43 mi


    3.43 mi from Kota Station
    1 review
  • 77
    3.43 mi


    3.43 mi from Kota Station
    1 review

    Soft Taco from Amigos - on board

  • 78
    4.83 mi

    Emilie Jakarta

    4.83 mi from Kota Station
    1 review

    A classy yet cozy French restaurant in Jakarta. It is a bit pricey for Indonesian standard but your money is well spent here. I can't name the menu - all I know they taste good; you won't regret coming here. The ambience is equally nice, very refreshing!

  • 79
    2.62 mi

    Merah Delima

    2.62 mi from Kota Station
    1 review

    It is located in Kebayoran Baru - in a colonial house turned into a restaurant. The interior design is very unique presenting the Chinese and Dutch colonial style. Even though it serves Indonesian food, all the menus here are very unique - something that you don't find at home. This place is idea for any occassion ie business lunch or ...

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  • 80
    1.94 mi

    Madame Lily

    1.94 mi from Kota Station
    1 review

    This is one of my favourite restaurants in Jakarta. The food variety was excellent comprising both local and western menus, and the quality of food was great - at a reasonable price. All the rice sets were delicious and desert was equally mouth watering. Don't miss the grilled banana!

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