La Boca - Buenos Aires

La Boca - Buenos Aires
23 reviews

La Boca may feel a bit Disney-ish at times, what with decked-out tango dancers offering to take a picture with you (for a small fee, of course), but the colorful scenery and warm atmosphere will charm you. Have a seat at one of the many cafes or restaurants for empanadas and a beer and watch a tango or chacarera performance. ...

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  • 1
    0.13 mi

    Il Materello

    Martin Rodríguez 517, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    0.13 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires
    1 review

    one of the best restaurants we visited in Buenos Aires; located in La Boca, il matterello offers delicious Italian food

  • 2
    0.16 mi

    Il Matterello Ristorante

    Martín Rodríguez 517, Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    0.16 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires
    1 review

    We wound up here because we were starving and Lonely Planet had recommended it. And indeed, the food was good – at the waiter's recommendation, we ordered the meat ravioli and the green taglioni stuffed with cheese. However, we both wound up feeling like the place was overpriced – the 13-per-person table service charge also seemed kind of extreme (the ...

  • 3
    0.73 mi

    Hierba Buena

    Av Caseros 454, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
    0.73 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires
    1 review

    For 84 pesos, you get an appetizer, main dish, coffee or dessert, and beverage of your choice (beer, wine, etc.) - a low fare for an incomparable vegetarian meal.

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  • 4
    0.33 mi


    Caminito, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    0.33 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires

    Coming to Buenos Aires on Winter, it's a good place to drink a hot beverage.

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  • 5
    0.38 mi

    Museo Fundación Proa

    Avenida Don Pedro de Mendoza 1929, La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    0.38 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires
    1 review

    We saw this museum's show about political and pop art in Argentina and Brazil from the 60s and 70s and were impressed with the thoughtful curation that had gone into the exhibit. The show included about 150 diverse pieces – I think everyone who walked into that museum found something that captivated them, whether it was the Jesus hanging off ...

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  • 6
    0.5 mi

    El Obrero Restaurante

    Agustín R. Caffarena 64, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
    0.5 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires
    1 review

    A friend recommended El Obrero as a traditional parilla without a lot of tourist traffic and with a lot of atmosphere. I'm a vegetarian so I just had a pasta dish, which was nothing exciting, but my steak-loving husband adored this place. It's a bit off the beaten path and our cab driver had a hard time figuring out exactly ...

  • 7
    0.37 mi

    La Vieja Rotiseria

    812–900 Calle Magallanes, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    0.37 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires
    2 reviews

    Muito caro! Mas tivemos um ótimo atendimento que até compensou o preço...

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  • 8
    0.53 mi

    Mas Te Vale Bar

    Avenida Regimiento de Patricios 32, C1265ADN Barracas, Capital Federal, Argentina
    0.53 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires
    1 review

    A mexican restaurant just outside of San Telmo area of Buenos Aires. It is not bad, just kind of expensive for it's quality. Although it is mexican style cuisine, it definitely has more of Argentinian style of cooking and feel to it. I would only recommend this place to some one who craves mexican food while in San Telmo.

  • 9
    2.61 mi

    El Gato Negro

    Avenida Corrientes 1669, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
    2.61 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires
    1 review

    El Gato Negro is a beautiful, tiny coffee shop, which has a wide range of teas available to order as well as a long list of coffees. It’s also possible to buy loose teas by the pound to take home with you or other kinds of spices which can be used in cooking or give flavour to hot drinks, such ...

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  • 10
    1.71 mi

    La Panadería de Pablo (Paul's Bakery)

    Defensa 269, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    1.71 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires

    La Panaderia de Pablo is a great opportunity for enjoying a breakfast or late brunch. They open early like 10 and close at 19, plus don't open on Saturdays, so follow my advice and check always the open hours before going. Besides that the food is really tasty, if you love some international breakfast like scramble eggs with beacon, this ...

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  • 11
    4.98 mi

    Dain Usina Cultural

    4899 Nicaragua, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    4.98 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires
    1 review

    This place is a great mix between a library and a restaurant. Either you want to buy a book or just have a delicious time this place is great. The arquitecture and design of the place is really good, the food is tasty but don't expect to many options at the menu. Sandwiches and lemonades are the best. If you ...

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  • 12
    4.92 mi


    Gurruchaga 1450, Buenos Aires Argentina
    4.92 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires
    3 reviews

    Baraka has become one of my favorite haunts in the city, perfect for reading a book whil sipping one of their elaborate teas. The food is also sophisticated and delicious.

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  • 13
    1.25 mi


    Estados Unidos 509, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    1.25 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires

    Constructed in purely recycled materials, this place offers tapas, savory and sweet waffles, home-made cider, and innumerable other delicious options. It caters to an artistic crowd, so any day of the week, you're likely to see musicians hanging out and jamming. Fantastic vibe.

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  • 14
    2.14 mi

    Chan Chan

    Hipólito Yrigoyen 1390, Buenos Aires
    2.14 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires
    2 reviews

    Amazing ceviche for an affordable price. Be sure to grab a pisco sour or chicha morada (a dark purple, refreshing corn-based cordial) for an especially Peruvian experience.

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  • 15
    4.91 mi

    Fundación Columbia de Conciencia y Energía

    Jorge Luis Borges 2020, Palermo, Capital Federal, Argentina
    4.91 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires

    This cafe is part of the Columbia Foundation, which offers yoga and therapy-oriented workshops. Even if you're not necessarily on a quest for personal enlightenment, I recommend you hop on in for a delicious cup of coffee and sandwich or pastry.

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  • 16
    2.37 mi

    Fifí Almacen

    Gorriti 4812
    2.37 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires

    I stopped by Fifí's for a cup of coffee and tostadas (toast) and was delighted when I was brought a sizeable basket filled with whole weat bread, and two saucers filled with home-made jam and spreadable cheese.

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  • 17
    4.89 mi

    La Esquina de Las Flores

    Gurruchaga 1632, Valentín Alsina, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
    4.89 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires
    1 review

    Try some of La Esquina's veggie empanadas to eat something authentically Argentinean, sans meat, or pick up a few organic ingredients to cook your own healthy and delicious meal.

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  • 18
    1.97 mi

    Gran Café Tortoni

    1.97 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires
    11 reviews

    For me this place is more a tourist spot. The decor is beautiful. The food is below average and is on the expensive side. Do not order the iced cappuccino, it's no bueno!

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  • 19
    3.44 mi


    Avenida Corrientes 3247, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
    3.44 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires
    11 reviews

    This place is gelato heaven. I could eat the dulce de leche granizado (dulce de leched with chocolate bits) all day long. There are numerous outlets throughout the city. I prefer the one in Recoleta just because of the neighborhood. This is BA. You have to have the dulce de leche. It will never be this good at home.

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  • 20
    4.82 mi

    Don Julio

    4691 Guatemala, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    4.82 mi from La Boca - Buenos Aires
    8 reviews

    Great steaks, plus you get to write a message on your wine bottle and display it for all to see. Need reservations, but a neighborhood gem. A better place to visit that Cabana Las Lilas.

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