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    0.83 mi

    Sunset Drive-In

    0.83 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    5 reviews

    Nothing like a classic, old-fashioned drive-in, where the refills on popcorn are free and every night is a double feature. South of downtown San Luis Obispo, it's warm enough here that the drive-in can stay open year-round, even on New Year's Eve!

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    1.56 mi

    San Luis Obispo County Farmers' Market

    1.56 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    12 reviews

    It's happening every Thursday evening around 6-8pm, rain or shine. It's a great place to meet up with friends for food and drinks, buy fresh groceries from local farmers, eat a lot of BBQ, look for volunteering opportunities and ways to get involved with the community. It's a must stay for if you come visit beautiful San Luis Obispo. Watch ...

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    2.36 mi

    Bishop Peak

    2.36 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    6 reviews

    Great hike to a great view. There's a gradual route and a steep route. Windy up top!

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    1.59 mi

    Old Mission San Luis Obispo

    1.59 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    8 reviews

    If you're following California's Mission Trail along El Camino Real (mostly Hwy 101) from San Diego north to Sonoma, this is one of the minor sights along the way. Extensively rebuilt and renovated, then finally restored to its original period look, Mission San Luis Obispo is still an active parish church. It'll only take you an hour or less to ...

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    2.79 mi

    California Polytechnic State University

    2.79 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    5 reviews

    Cal Poly is a great school. It is hard to get into and it is one of California great hidden secrets.

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    1.64 mi

    Palm Theatre

    1.64 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    4 reviews

    The first fully solar-powered cinema built in the USA, the Palm Theatre is a grovvy little arthouse cinema in downtown San Luis Obispo. Ground-breaking documentaries, film-festival indie flicks and foreign films are all regularly on the marquee right here, on the same block as SLO's tiny historical Chinatown district, within earshot of the Spanish colonial mission bells.

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    4.07 mi

    Tolosa Winery

    4.07 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    4 reviews

    Close to the airport south of San Luis Obispo, Tolosa hosts great events, particularly when they have live music outside. The tasting room is big and offers many gifts for sale too.

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  • 8
    1.58 mi

    Creeky Tiki

    1.58 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    2 reviews

    Great patio , tasty food, reasonable prices

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  • 9
    1.63 mi

    Stephen Ross Wine Cellars

    1.63 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    2 reviews

    Wait, this place is on a side street behind Trader Joe's? It's not actually in the Edna Valley among all the lovely vineyards? Don't let the industrial park setting fool you. Stephen Ross bottles some of the most elegant, polished chardonnay and pinot noir anywhere in San Luis Obispo County. Worth a stop on any local wine tour, especially if ...

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    2.94 mi

    Fremont Theater

    2.94 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    2 reviews

    Also know as the "Big Fremont," this downtown movie theater in San Luis Obispo has a gorgeous, huge art deco-esque sign outside, brilliantly lit up with pink, blue, yellow and green neon. Look for Midnight Madness movies and also the SLO Rewind series, where they show classic masterpieces like Vertigo and the Godfather on special nights.

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  • 11
    3.81 mi

    Gopher Glen Apple Farm

    3.81 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    2 reviews

    In the pastoral See Canyon, between Avila Beach and Hwy 101, this small family-run apple farm is only open from September through November. Of all the See Canyon apple farms, they usually have the biggest variety of apple types, including some heritage varieties that you've probably never tasted before. Delish! You can get samples of everything before you buy. Warning: ...

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  • 12
    1.48 mi

    Rocket Fizz

    1.48 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    2 reviews

    Dozens and dozens of different bottles of soda pop -- from retro brands like Crush to new editions like Death Valley Black Cherry from Indian Wells brewing -- fill this small warehouse of a shop. The place is bursting with wild candy, too, including rare imports from Asia.

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    1.52 mi

    Frog & Peach Pub

    1.52 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    2 reviews

    Are you a beer person and love listening to live bands? Well, this would be the place for you. Many people come here to just hang out and chill. Most band nights, there's a $2 charge, however, not sure if that's every time there's a band there. I find this place a bit of a hipster and 'i just want ...

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    1.52 mi


    1.52 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    2 reviews

    Great library in downtown SLO! Besides books, they also lend out music and movies. Also as a branch of the San Luis Obispo County Library system, borrowing from nearby libraries doesn't require any fees or additional memberships.

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  • 15
    1.53 mi

    Secret Garden

    1.53 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    1 review

    Handmade spice blends, medicinal and herbal teas, incense, and leafy green plants greet you as you step through the wooden gate by the stream into this locally owned feel-good shop. The owner is so sweet, and she's ready to recommend a brew for whatever ails you. My favorite is the vanilla beans for $3 each. Yum!

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  • 16
    1.72 mi

    powell sweet shop

    1.72 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    1 review

    Amazing selection!

  • 17
    2.2 mi

    Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates

    2.2 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    1 review

    Superbly delicious handmade chocolate shop in San Luis Obispo's quieter Uptown neighborhood. Step inside the storefront and be overwhelmed by all the awesome organic chocolate goodness going on here. Want a handmade peanut butter cup? A green-tea or chipotle-chili truffle? An ice-cream sandwich or chocolate-dipped banana? A coconut chocolate bar? A bag of mint hot chocolate mix? They've got all ...

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  • 18
    1.63 mi

    Central Coast Surfboards

    1.63 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    1 review

    A must see experience. Opened in 1975. One of the oldest surf shops in California.

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  • 19
    2.12 mi

    French Hospital Medical Center

    2.12 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    1 review

    Nobody wants to have an emergency while they're traveling. But if you do need to scramble to find an ER on California's Central Coast between Santa Barbara and Monterey, French Hospital is the best. Professional, caring staff and minimized wait time will have you feeling better fast.

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    4.28 mi

    See Canyon Fruit Ranch

    4.28 mi from Laguna Lake Park
    1 review

    Out in pastrol See Canyon, squeezed between Hwy 101 and the ocean in Avlia Beach, this is the best-known among all of the apple orchards and pumpkin farms, While they don't have the same variety of heritage apples that Gopher Glen just down the road does, what they do have is juicy and delicious.

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