Lan Su Chinese Garden

239 NW Everett Street, Portland, OR
10 reviews

A fascinating urban gardens right in Old Town. Interesting to compare this with the Japanese Gardens as well. The recorded tour that comes with your admission is well worth using when you explore the gardens. There's also a lovely tea house in the gardens.

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  • 81
    0.77 mi

    Clarklewis Restaurant

    0.77 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews

    Clarklewis serves upscale Northwestern food at its finest. The ingredients are local and the French and Italian influence is prevalent in some of their dishes. If possible, check out Clark Lewis during Happy Hour. The burger tastes amazing and at $6 to boot, it is one of the most enjoyable burgers I've had in Portland (and that means a lot ...

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  • 82
    0.42 mi

    The Morning Star Cafe

    0.42 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews

    Good price, location, atmosphere, and decent food. Mostly good people too.

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  • 83
    0.28 mi

    Mary's Club

    0.28 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    3 reviews

    #BeOut Portland is known for its strip clubs, and used to have the most per capita of any city in the U.S. until Tampa took the crown. Mary's Club in downtown is the oldest, and it's legendary. Everyone goes! It's a must-see.

  • 84
    0.33 mi

    The Original

    0.33 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews

    This restaurant has some great food and is open late should you be out late clubbing. They have a wide array of things to choose from and are open really late.

  • 85
    0.3 mi


    0.3 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden

    Absolutely love this place! I came to Portland for a friend's birthday with a large group of 20. Of course, we all wanted to try so many different places but couldn't decide where to go after spending some time near a few bars and clubs. Luckily, we stumbled upon this place when we were trying to locate half of our ...

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  • 86
    0.64 mi

    Olympic Provisions

    0.64 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews

    Meat. Lots of meat. Had the smoked chicken salad sandwich and the soup. Both were excellent, though the (seasonal) sunchoke soup nearly killed me later in the day.

  • 87
    0.61 mi

    Produce Row Cafe

    0.61 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews

    Produce Row Cafe is one my favorite new places to go to in Portland. It's not dingy and filled with hipsters playing indie music. Nor is it douche-y and catering to obnoxious drunkards who think they're too cool for school. The venue is really posh and nice. The crowd is a mix of the young and yuppy looking to have ...

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  • 88
    0.7 mi

    Sizzle Pie Pizza

    0.7 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews

    If you're looking for good food in Portland - Sizzle Pie has you covered. The slices are huge and they have everything from your standard favorites to white truffle oil pizzas! Beer and wine only, a small seating area, delightful staff. Worth the check out if you're a local OR a traveler.

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  • 89
    0.78 mi

    Boke Bowl

    0.78 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews

    Boke Bowl is a bit disconcerting. Located in the industrial section of SE Portland, Boke Bowl strives to make Korean and Japanese food with a western hipster edge. The menu speaks for itself. Ramen noodles and kim chi is saddled alongside vanilla miso twinkies. Despite my skepticism, I was surprised at how good their char siu and fried chicken steam ...

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  • 90
    0.38 mi

    Thai Peacock Restaurant

    0.38 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews

    Amazing Thai food, about $9 for an entree. Walking distance from Pioneer Square (about 20 minutes), or you can take public transportation. It's right by Powell's Books.

  • 91
    0.52 mi

    Brasserie Montmartre

    0.52 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews

    Brasserie Montmartre makes old school French dishes, which are typically found in restaurants throughout Paris. I had the madame croque and while it was heavy and felt like a cinder block sitting in my stomach, I thought it was delicious.

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  • 92
    0.41 mi


    0.41 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews

    Silk is owned by Pho Van. The pho is good due to its flavorful broth. The decor is upscale and very indochic. However, some of the prices are hard to justify. For example, their shaken beef costs over $20. I think much of this has to do with the fact that it's in the ritzy Pearl District, but still...

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  • 93
    0.69 mi

    BridgePort Brewing Co

    0.69 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews

    Unlike their brewpubs on NW Marshall or SE Hawthorne, this is the location of their original brewery. Isolated in the NW district, couch in the elbow of the 405 freeway, this is an active brewery that reflects the days when Blitz-Weinhard's still existed, saturating the industrial district with the sloppy odor of stale beer. A spacious, fun, rustic place to ...

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  • 94
    0.47 mi

    Stumptown Coffee Roasters

    0.47 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews

    This Stumptown Coffee outpost is located at the Ace Hotel and just a few blocks from Powell's. It's got a cool and hip vibe and a comfortable area of stuffed furniture in the Hotel Lobby to enjoy your beverage. I've done that and taken my coffee to go. This time around, I bought a cool "camp" coffee mug, paid an ...

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  • 95
    0.49 mi

    Urban Farmer

    0.49 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews

    Urban Farmer specializes in organic and fresh ingredients and is also a steak house. The decor is sparse and upscale while the menu takes the organic, sustainable approach (which is prevalent in Portland and the Northwest in general) to upscale dining, particularly when it comes to steaks.

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  • 96
    0.58 mi

    Habibi Restaurant

    0.58 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews
  • 97
    0.86 mi

    Nel Centro

    0.86 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews

    Nel Centro serves great happy hour food items and drinks. The food is inspired from the Mediterranean, particularly along the Italian coast. There's also a focus on fresh, organic ingredients. In addition, the decor is sparse, chic, and modern.

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  • 98
    0.66 mi

    Urban Grind Coffeehouse

    0.66 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews

    Nice coffee shop in the Pearl District. The people behind the counter were very friendly and thoroughly explained all the beverage options. Yummy chai!

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  • 99
    0.49 mi

    Cloud Seven Cafe

    0.49 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews

    Cloud Seven is a spacious cafe located between the outskirts of the yuppified Pearl District and the industrial northwestern section of Portland. They have a decent selection of tea, but one really comes here for their coffee. Coffee bean-philes will appreciate their daily specials, such as Colombian beans infused with raspberry.

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  • 100
    0.52 mi


    0.52 mi from Lan Su Chinese Garden
    2 reviews

    Brunch Box recently opened a storefront location of their popular food cart. It is several blocks from the original location on a side street in downtown Portland. The space is small, but there are more hours in the day to get your favorites from Brunch Box. No need to wait to go when the food cart is open. There are ...

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