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I'm heading there for two weeks! Looking for any suggestions - good places to go/anything I shouldn't miss?

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    • Jennifer Ealy recommended Dead Sea
      This is a place you want to go too just before you leave to go back home. Because the mudd will work wonders on your skin and make it soft as a baby bottom.And it will help to get you ready for going ... read more
      back to the real world i mean back home.
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      Jennifer Ealy

      Please go there if you get a chance.

    • Ella Santos commented on this list

      you will enjoy if you come and visit the HOLY LAND

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    • Muhammad Khadafi commented on this list

      Where does it state whether there pemandangany lady .. beautiful

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    • Social Clubשדרות רוטשילד 45, Tel Aviv, Israel
      Ori Zaltzman recommended Social Club
      Highly recommended, great food
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    • FlorentineFlorentin, Tel Aviv, Israel
      Eran Kampf recommended Florentine
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      Eran Kampf

      Lots of bars in this neighborhood. Especially on Vital street.
      Great to hang during weekdays....

    • Old City of Jerusalem Old City, Jerusalem, Israel
      Eran Kampf recommended Old City of Jerusalem
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      Eran Kampf

      If this is your first time in Israel you should definitely take a car and go see the Old City of Jerusalem (and the holy places etc.)

    • Hazaken Vehayamקדם 83, Tel Aviv, Israel
      Eran Kampf recommended Hazaken Vehayam
      The Old Man and the Sea ("Hazaken Vehayam") specializes in fish, seafood and meats in the famous Jaffa style, located on a small cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
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      Eran Kampf

      One of my favorite places to eat in Tel Aviv. Lots of food, great atmosphere and view to the sea

    • Eran Kampf recommended Silon Bar - KG
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      Eran Kampf

      My favorite local bar in Tel Aviv

    • Jaffa PortJaffa Port Road, Tel Aviv Israel
      elado recommended Jaffa Port
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    • Tel Aviv PortNemal Tel Aviv St. Tel Aviv, Israel
      elado recommended Tel Aviv Port
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    • elado recommended Radio EPGB
      Cool bar. Alternative music.
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    • Neve Tzedekשבזי 64, Tel Aviv, Israel
      elado recommended Neve Tzedek
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    • elado recommended Rothschild Boulevard
      Beautiful boulevard, a lot of restaurants, bars and amazing bauhaus.
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    • elado recommended The Station, HaTachana
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    • North Abraxas / צפון אברקססלילינבלום 40, Tel Aviv, Israel
      elado recommended North Abraxas / צפון אברקסס
      One of the best restaurants in town. Everything is really good. Try the Melanzane, Shwarma, Rauben Sandwich, Burger and Minute Steak.
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    • Gordon BeachHerbert Samuel Street, Tel Aviv Israel
      Jay Amernick recommended Gordon Beach
      A great beach scene. great hotels and restaurants line the street. Great for hanging out on the beach as well as a great walk. Drink plenty of water.
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      Jay Amernick

      Great beach, plus it is near a lot of sites. Enjoy your trip to Israel. First time?

    • Todorka Vlajkova commented on this list

      tell me all about Tel Aviv,please

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