Liguria, Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera:

Things to do in Liguria, Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera

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    Via del Amore

    12 reviews

    A gorgrous 20 minte walk between Manarola and Riogammore.....for all ages!!

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    Acquario di Genova

    9 reviews

    It's the most beautiful aquarium we have in Italy. I loved in particular the seals...

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  • 3

    Porto Antico

    8 reviews

    The port of Genoa probably had activity back to as early as the 5th century B.C. The history of Porto Antico (or Mandraccio), is intertwined with the history of Genoa's former Mediterranean glory. Christopher Columbus hailed from here, before agreeing to navigate the ocean blue for the glory of Spain. Over time, this area fell into disrepair, and it wasn't ...

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    Galeone Neptune

    4 reviews

    Beatuiful ......!

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  • 5

    Area del Porto Antico

    4 reviews
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  • 6

    Cathedral of St. Lorenzo

    3 reviews

    This cathedral isn't the most ornate inside, but it was one of my favorites from my trip to Italy. And there's an unexploded bomb from World War II inside, so that's cool too.

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    Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre

    2 reviews

    Imagine Italy’s rugged Cinque Terre – remote seaside villages of coral, sage and egg-plant colored buildings, cliffs mirrored on the Tyrrhenian Sea, vineyards planted on perilously steep slopes and breaking waves scattering a fine mist over. The Cinque Terre reflects the harmonious interaction between man and nature to produce a landscape of exceptional quality that moves the heart like few ...

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  • 9

    Cimitero Monumentale di Staglieno

    2 reviews

    Staglieno is one of the most breathtaking, incredible cemeteries I have ever been to. It sprawls in a what seems like an endlessly vast expanse over the hills of Genoa and houses utterly exquisite funerary monuments - some sadly beautiful and some downright morbid and terrifying. I specifically wanted to see the Iacomelli Tomb, which is a monument to a ...

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  • 10

    Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre

    2 reviews

    The world-famous Cinque-Terre with its five, cliff-edge towns connected by hiking trails and a small railroad

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  • 11

    Corso Italia

    2 reviews
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  • 12

    Parchi di Nervi

    2 reviews

    The park of Nervi is surrounded by a series of art museums... Wolfsoniana of 20th Century furniture & objects, Museum of Modern Art with a varied collection of paintings & sculpture from Italian & foreign artists living on the Ligurian Riviera and the private collection at the Luxoro Museum. The grounds are planted with trees & bushes & palms typical ...

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  • 13

    Via XX Settembre

    2 reviews
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  • 14

    Palazzo Bianco

    2 reviews

    One of many museums of Genoa along the historic via Garibaldi. The Genoese bought & sold anything but, artwork was a passion from mostly northern banking centers, such as Antwerp. The palazzo houses one of the largest collection of Flemish paintings in all of Europe.

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  • 15

    Palazzo Ducale

    2 reviews

    Genoa was a republic and the most powerful & prosperous city in the world for 300 years. Palazzo Ducale, like the Doge's Palace in Venice, was the seat of power... and glory. Now, there are shops & bars on the main atrium level. The upper floors are dedicated to important art & architecture shows drawing interest from all of Europe. ...

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  • 16

    Casa di Cristoforo Colombo

    3 reviews

    Cristoforo Colombo visse qua. Ci sono immagini, lettere e statue di lui e delle cose che lui trovò in America. È un posto interessante.

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  • 17

    Piazza delle Erbe

    2 reviews

    Before our recent trip to Italy, I read a NY Times Travel article - "36 Hours In Genoa" for tips for our short visit. Piazza delle Erbe is described as a small square hidden amid the labyrinthine alleys that snake through the city's medieval quarter. Also mentioned are that: - There are no fewer than a half-dozen bars, two restaurants, ...

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  • 18


    1 review

    Typical old fisherman village

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  • 19

    Via Garibaldi

    1 review

    There is no other street in Italy, Europe or the world purposely built with just palaces lining either side of the cobbled-street. The Genoa City Hall, the museums of Palazzo Bianco & Rosso, the stunning store via Garibaldi 12 and many antique shops, bars, etc. can be found. And, from here you can descend towards the port through the fascinating ...

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  • 20

    Abbazia di San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte

    1 review

    This Romanesque church is tucked into the bay of Tigulio on the Italian Riviera. It's a lovely place renovated in the 1920's. It's the focal point of the bay, with turquoise waters, and a small fishing village contrasting the geometric arches of the church. A statue of Christ of the Abyss was submerged in 1954. For me the main attraction ...

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