Lillie's Q

1856 West North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622
7 reviews

One of the best drink menus in the city. They specialize in Whiskey and Moonshines. The food was to die for!!! I personally enjoyed the Carolina bbq sauce with the Tri-Tip. Which was some of the juiciest brisket I have ever tasted and I am from the South. My son loved the pulled pork sandwich and hot smokey bbq sauce. ...

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  • 41
    0.99 mi

    Ruxbin Kitchen

    0.99 mi from Lillie's Q
    2 reviews

    Great food, had the mussels which were fantastic.

  • 42
    0.56 mi

    Cafe Laguardia

    0.56 mi from Lillie's Q
    2 reviews

    The best Cuban food in Chicago.

  • 43
    0.5 mi

    Milk & Honey Cafe

    0.5 mi from Lillie's Q

    great place for breakfast

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  • 44
    0.59 mi

    Silom 12

    0.59 mi from Lillie's Q
    2 reviews

    Just around the corner from the Western Blue Line, Silom 12 is a trendy little hidden gem that I'm glad has yet to be discovered by the masses. The red pepper curry infuses spicy and sweet with peppers and coconut milk, making for some of the best curry on this side of the Pacific. Try it out before it gets ...

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  • 45
    0.45 mi

    Mott St

    0.45 mi from Lillie's Q
    2 reviews

    This place was impressively good. The only thing I didn't like was that the portions were not uniformly sized. Our friend knew a waiter there so we had him pick us out three "appetizers". One that came out was the sweetbreads, which were a rather small helping. Yet on the bill it appeared to be the full dish that's under ...

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  • 46
    0.93 mi

    Bite Cafe

    0.93 mi from Lillie's Q

    Pretty good little cafe, although its more of a "diner" atmosphere. It is adjacent to the Broken Bottle, an underground rock/alternative concert venue.

  • 47
    0.65 mi


    0.65 mi from Lillie's Q
    3 reviews

    Douchiest place ever. Don't bother.

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  • 48
    0.98 mi

    Mitchell's Original

    0.98 mi from Lillie's Q


  • 49
    1.0 mi

    Roots Pizza

    1.0 mi from Lillie's Q
    1 review
  • 50
    0.35 mi

    Miko's Italian Ice

    0.35 mi from Lillie's Q

    Miko's Italian Ice is the best and most delicious way to escape the muggy, sweltering heat of a Chicago summer day. With plenty of flavors and sizes, Miko's has your cool down ready for you.

  • 51
    0.78 mi


    0.78 mi from Lillie's Q
    1 review

    Nice place to stop for coffee and a pastry. Comfortable seating, soothing decor. Lot's of light.

  • 52
    0.61 mi

    Enoteca Roma

    0.61 mi from Lillie's Q
    1 review

    My boyfriend and I were craving some light, simple, fresh Italian. Something good for summertime. This place had solid reviews and it was in a new area, so we decided to try it. First of all, the place is cute. There's a small outdoor patio that looked cozy, and the inside is a mix between romantic, trendy and still somewhat ...

  • 53
    2.53 mi


    2.53 mi from Lillie's Q
    44 reviews

    Can't beat a Chicago hot dog. I somehow did not miss ketchup. The pickle and condiments are key to getting the crunch and freshness! The atmosphere is chaotic and fun; I felt like I was at a theme park:)

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  • 54
    2.97 mi

    Garrett Popcorn

    2.97 mi from Lillie's Q
    40 reviews

    Garrett Popcorn brand needs no introduction. Yes, it IS as good as they say and they lines can be a bear at certain locations and certain times. There really is no one that does a better Chicago Mix of Cheddar and Caramel flavors.

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  • 55
    2.77 mi

    Pizzeria Uno

    2.77 mi from Lillie's Q
    35 reviews

    The home of the original, or a copy of the original, Chicago deep dish. This is definitely a destination where you have to go if you are a fan of foodie history. Unfortunately their success has spawned the mass produced Uno's Chicago Grill which can be found in every strip mall in America.

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  • 56
    2.29 mi

    Girl & the Goat

    2.29 mi from Lillie's Q

    Delish and awesome to watch Steph in action. Sit at the kitchen table if you can - a nice cozy 2-seater that gives you a front row seat to all the deliciousness.

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  • 57
    2.42 mi

    Gino's East of Chicago

    2.42 mi from Lillie's Q
    26 reviews

    Not a big fan of the deep dish pizza but you have to go and try it. The place is like a Hall of Fame of who's been there. Cool atmosphere and good food. I loved it more for the atmosphere and experience.

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  • 58
    1.39 mi


    1.39 mi from Lillie's Q
    22 reviews

    I only get to come here if invited and someone else is paying $$$$, but oh my... it's lovely. Is there anything better than a PERFECT wine pairing with EXQUISITE edibles like the Black Truffle Explosion? It's fancy and it's just my style.

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  • 59
    2.52 mi

    Hot Doug's

    2.52 mi from Lillie's Q
    19 reviews

    You may have a long wait but, it is worth it. Great staff. A great Sausage! So many to Choose from!

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  • 60
    1.47 mi

    Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba

    1.47 mi from Lillie's Q
    21 reviews

    Went here to celebrate my birthday on a Thursday at about 7. It was crowded! The hostess said it would be an hour wait! (Probably because it was Easter weekend) But she said there was no wait at the bar...if we could find a spot. We somehow managed to find a table at the bar! :) Service was relatively quick, ...

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