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Sep 04, 2014 - Sep 13, 2014

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I have never been to Italy and I am torn on where to go first. I've heard Tuscany is breath taking but I am also very interested in Florence and Rome. My art history classes in college inspired me to see some of the greatest works of art, in person, before I die. My love for Fashion is drawing me to Milan. HELP!!! I am a first time visitor. What should I knock off my bucket list?

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    • Petra Hawke commented on this list

      I'm Italian and I see the majority of Italy...if you want to go shopping sure you have to go to Milano or Roma(but in the centre of these towns shops and bar aren't cheap) but also Bologna(in this city on friday and saturday there is a very big market with things very cheap) and other cities...if you want to see art and history you have to go to Roma, Firenze, Pisa, Siena, Venezia(il canal grande, Murano, exc...), Verona(Romeo e Giulietta). If you want to visit some beautiful place you have to go to Venezia, le 5 terre, all Toscana, all Trentino, all the sud of Italy go to sea for fun and to Pompei for his history and to Sicilia for ancient history. These are some places in Italy (whit the Italian name) but Italy is full of art, history and of beautiful place to visit...and there are some hidden to our eyes to find. :)

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      Sharon "Bubz" Z recommended Rome and Surrounds
      A city that transcends time itself - Roma bathes equally in its past and its present glories. Magnificent in every scale measurable, from the golden halls of Vatican, to the still standing Pantheon ... read more
      and the ruins of the Colosseum, the city is blessed with the most awe-inspiring godly creations.
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      Sharon "Bubz" Z

      The presence of historical architecture in Rome and Vatican City is amazing. The Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Colosseum, St. Peter's Square, and Roman Forum to name a few. I took the advice of Julia on Gogobot and visited the Borghese Gallery, it is probably the best gallery experience I have had the entire trip. The art within Vatican museum is also something you cannot find anywhere else - the Raphael's and Michelangelo's. Again, you should definitely buy the ticket online in advance, Borghese gallery was sold out for a week when we were there and Vatican Museum's line can wrap around the entire fortified wall of Holy See. I think the last Sunday of every month the Vatican Museum is free to enter but I'm not sure how the ticket situation is for that.

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      Sharon "Bubz" Z recommended Florence
      The city imbued with absolute romance, classy cafés and high-end boutiques - Firenze is almost like a giant designer gallery in itself. It's artistic culture blessed with the renowned works of ... read more
      Botticelli and Michelangelo and streets filled with works of modern artisans of all trades, a city of art at its heart.
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      Sharon "Bubz" Z

      Florence is in the Tuscany area so you shouldn't miss out either. The city is beautiful, very walkable (2 miles across), the city itself is like an art gallery, plus the famed Uffizi Museum and Accademia Gallery are there (you can get combo tickets). I visited Italy also because of my love for Art History and Florence is my favorite. Definitely buy tickets online, the extra few bucks will save you so much waiting. Have fun!

      Shayla Gordon recommended Florence
      First of all, Florence is in Tuscany. Tuscany is a region. Florence is a good home base, depending on when you're going accommodations in Florence (or on the countryside if your adventurous/rustic) ... read more
      will be cheaper than Rome. From Florence, Venice, Pisa, Siena and a host of other smaller cities and town are just a short train or bus ride away. I lived in Florence for quite some time there are great cheap hotels there that will allow you to spend your money on other things, like clothes and leather goods of which there will be plenty. Rome is a great city to visit for a few days but a little hard to navigate completely on foot since it's so spread out, if you do stay there, make sure to be in the center of the city. Either way if you'r looking to be wowed by the art you've learned about in books, Florence or Rome will both deliver beyond your wildest dreams. For fashion, unless you are going during fashion week in Milan, you aren't going to see anything different than what you would get in Florence or Rome. But if you do happen to be there in the winter or early fall, you will get your fill of fashion photographers, models, and industry people in both Milan and Florence, in my opinion Florence is the best bet. The best food, the easiest to navigate on foot, and the cheapest of the three.
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      Lauren Baker recommended Florence
      Gorgeous, historic city in the heart of Tuscany! This city was integral to the Renaissance, and it shouldn't come as a surprise that the art art and architecture are completely breathtaking.
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    • Keane recommended Rome
      Quite honestly, there is a large part of my subconscious already planning a move here. The other part is telling me to finish making my coffee because I'm delusional in the morning. What can be said ... read more
      about Rome that hasn't already been said or known? The center of one of the greatest empires in all of human history, remnants of the glorious ancients still remain. The new live with the old in this ever-changing landscape of culture—che figata questa cultura! The grandeur of the city's buildings impressed me right away. Something about the way they're spaced together seemed to tower over a person. People drive with an aggressiveness that would put Californians to shame, where crossing the street at a "yield" crosswalk even made me a bit nervous. Running over someone is still a crime here right? Yes, I think it is.
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      I highly recommend Rome. There is no end to the history here. So much of it is free too, and you can walk all of it. The larger attractions take more time to visit, so definitely book in advance. You can get VIP tours to the Vatican too, tours where you get to cut through velvet ropes and crowds of tourists (it's VERY satisfying).

      Pro 2014
      D'Maris Coffman recommended Rome
      One of the world's great cities. Incredible combination of ancient and modern. Lively neighborhoods, great local cuisine, and something for almost everyone in terms of history, culture and ... read more
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      Lily Rodriguez thanked D'Maris Coffman for this recommendation.
      D'Maris Coffman

      If I only get one vote, it has to be Rome!

      Catherine recommended Rome
      Beautiful city, especially at night! I love the way the city lights reflect in the water in the canals - very typical Italian scene! The city has a lot of history and major sites to see, like St. ... read more
      Peters, the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Pantheon, and much more! Good food, and people are pretty friendly for the most part!
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      Lily Rodriguez thanked Catherine for this recommendation.

      Definitely visit Rome! It has so much history, sites to see, and great Roman architecture. Food is delicious too!

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      Rich Carriero recommended Rome
      Rome is more than a city. It's an idea. Rome once ruled as much of the known world as it cared to and it held it's magnificent empire together longer than any other. Today Rome is the Italian Capital, ... read more
      the heart of the Catholic Church and one of the top five historic cities in the world.
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      Rich Carriero

      Of course Rome is also an excellent choice. The capital of the ancient world and the Catholic faith has enough to keep any student of art or history busy for weeks.

      Pro 2014
      Laurel W recommended Rome
      An art and history lovers paradise. The city of Rome is endlessly fascinating to visit. The food is outrageously delicious. The citizens of Rome like so many Italians are very friendly. Rome is one of ... read more
      my favourite cities in the world.
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      Lily Rodriguez thanked Laurel W for this recommendation.
      Laurel W

      I have the same ambition of seeing works I studied in art history. Rome is amongst the top destinations for me. I've been twice and am going again next year because there's just so much to see.

    • Keane recommended Emilia-Romagna
      I spent two weeks in Emilia-Romagna and absolutely fell in love with the region. Many of Italy's most delicious food items come from here, like prosciutto, balsamic vinegar, ravioli and tagliatelle. ... read more
      The region is financially well off compared to other Italian regions, which means even the small towns have a nice luster to them. The people are incredibly friendly, and each town has a unique offering of its own. From sports cars (Ferrari!) to the Adriatic coast, Emilia-Romagna is one of my favorite Italian regions. Pro tip: Don't pass up the chance to have a delicious piadina (a regional flatbread sandwich) with a local beer.
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      Emilia-Romagna is one of the richer regions in Italy. Lots of things from from here, including parma ham, balsamic vinegar, ravioli, Ferrari, piadine, parmagiano reggiano.... All the little cities are beautiful. There is even the spot in Savignano sul Rubicone where Caesar crossed the Rubicon into Rome, declaring war.

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      Harold Smith-Franzen (@smithfranzen) commented on this list

      You can't go wrong. They are all good. I'd put Milan at the bottom of that list. Florence or Rome for urban. Tuscany for the countryside. Easy to do all three in a 10 day trip... Florence to Rome is quick by train. Depends on what you want. 2 in Florence, 2 in Rome + the rest in the countryside? Then go back to Florence and Rome when you have time. If on foot, stick to the cities. You'll need a car or other transport to explore the Tuscan countryside.

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    • Pro 2014
      Maan @Travel Binge recommended Tuscany
      Art and majestic nature all around this region. Siena and Florence are two or the popular ones although there are smaller villages worth seeing such as Chianti. Florence is a museum itself.
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      Maan @Travel Binge

      Lily, Tuscany is really beautiful and worth the trip. One visit to Italy is not enough. Beside Tuscany, a favourite region of mine is the Amalfi area - Capri, Sorrento, Ravello and best of all for me is Positano! Rome in itself will take you a week to see what more other cities!

    • Rebecca Everson recommended Verona
      Verona is one of my favorite cities in Italy. It is less touristy and still has some charm. I'd stay away from Milano, it is unsafe and not as glamorous as the fashion magazines make you think! I had ... read more
      the same attraction to it before visiting 5 times...
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    • Pro 2014
      Sara Tracey recommended Siena
      Siena is a beautiful, ancient city. It's tiny, so perfect for a day trip: walking around, shopping, taking pictures. Don't skip it!
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    • Pro 2014
      Rich Carriero recommended Venice
      It might be a bit of a stretch in ten days, but Venice is one of the most unique places on earth. You could train there from Florence or Rome easily enough. If you want a cheap place to stay, you ... read more
      might want to try Craigslist. Also, when you're in Rome you can frequently find apartments in which to stay at Termini train station. People with rooms to rent wait for tourists to come to town.
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      Rich Carriero

      If you want to go somewhere in Italy for art and design, it should be Venice. The whole city is a work of art. But if that's not enough, it's filled with sumptuous art galleries, ornate churches and gilded palaces.

      Chuck Nguyen recommended Venice
      I didn't get to go to Tuscany, but I did a tour and spend 2.5 days each in Venice, Rome and Florence. All three are different and AMAZING, but Venice was the most unique and my fav city in the world. ... read more
      Florence is all full of art and culture and fashion. Rome is the obvious history, gladiators, half vintage half modern. I say all 3 are musts. Milan I heard had the beautiful Duomo and fashion.
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