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    • Cathedral of Our Lady of GuadalupeCalle Hidalgo, Calvario, JAL 48290 Mexico
      Connie Pistilli recommended Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe
      Beautiful cathedral in Puerto Vallarta!
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      Connie Pistilli

      If you have time, you should visit Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe here.

    • Bodeguita del Medio (La)Paseo Diaz Ordaz 858 at Allende, Emiliano Zapata, JAL 48380 Mexico
      Connie Pistilli recommended Bodeguita del Medio (La)
      Like its other locations all over the world, you'll find some of the best mojitos around and tasty Cuban food here. Lively and fun atmosphere.
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    • PipisGuadalupe Sanchez 807, 5 de Diciembre, JAL 48350 Mexico
      Connie Pistilli recommended Pipis
      They're known for their sizzling fajitas and silly sombreros. Fun atmosphere, especially in large groups, but you can get better Mexican food elsewhere.
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    • Punto VPaseo Diaz Ordaz #786, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
      Connie Pistilli recommended Punto V
      Fun spot to go dancing. They have a nice sky deck to hang out on if it gets too crowded on the main dance floor. A good mix of tourists and locals who like to party.
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    • Rancho Jaguar63732 Bucerías, Nayarit, Mexico
      FTPANDME recommended Rancho Jaguar
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    • Evan Roth-Howe recommended Sayulita
      Gorgeous little town an hour or so north of Puerto Vallarta. Easy to get to given the airports in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, but with its dirt roads (at least as of 2001), you'll feel as far as ... read more
      possible from the tourist scene. We rented a great, open-air house facing the ocean, and walked along the beach to get fish quesadillas every day. A little slice of heaven.
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    • La LecheFrancisco Medina Ascencio 2189, Zona Hotelera Norte, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
      Ramona Flume recommended La Leche
      La Leche is the most interesting, avant-garde restaurant in Puerto Vallarta and possibly the entire country of Mexico. Leche's completely white interior--walls, chairs, light fixtures-- serves as a ... read more
      broad, blank canvas for executive chef Alfonso Cadena’s colorful culinary innovations. New recipes and menus are written daily and food is whimsically served up in everything from mousetraps to toothpaste tubes.
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      Lily Rodriguez thanked Ramona Flume for this recommendation.
      Ramona Flume

      So fun for so many reasons!

    • Sayulita BeachSayulita, Mexico
      Pro 2014
      Nomadic by Nature recommended Sayulita Beach
      Great beach. Long white sand, with a couple great surf breaks (beginner/intermediate). Some restaurants along it, and a meeting place for the town. Check out the phosphorescence at night, and some ... read more
      good spear fishing off the rocks at the southern end.
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    • Pro 2014
      Nomadic by Nature recommended Punta de Mita
      The northern tip of the Bay of Banderas there is a small town here, some awesome surf, the four seasons and some other resorts. Low key not too much to do but lay on the beach, eat tasty Mexico food, ... read more
      and surf it up.
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    • Los Arcos National Marine ParkHighway 200 Sur Km 12, Puerto Vallarta Centro, JAL 48300 Mexico
      Pro 2014
      Nomadic by Nature recommended Los Arcos National Marine Park
      Stunning rock outcroppings in the bay with natural arches running through them. Take a kayak out and shoot them if the tides are right. A super nice day trip.
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    • Chris Lovejoy commented on this list

      Do an easy mid day trip to Ocean Grill. It's an amazing lunch only spot perched on a cliff that overlooks a private beach. You need to take a taxi to Boca de Tomatlan to pick up the restaurants private water taxi. Search for Ocean Grill Puerto Vallarta online fore more info. It was the highlight of out trip and I will go back.

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    • Connie Pistilli recommended Joe Jack's Fish Shack
      If you're craving some fish tacos (of course you are, you're in Mexico!), then you'll have to try them out here. Simply delicious!
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    • Cafe des ArtistesGuadalupe Sanchez 740, Puerto Vallarta Centro, JAL 48300 Mexico
      Connie Pistilli recommended Cafe des Artistes
      Foodies will love and appreciate this place! It's a wonderful spot to have a nice dinner out or to celebrate a special occasion. Service is fantastic and the decor is lovely.
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      Lily Rodriguez thanked Connie Pistilli for this recommendation.