Limbe Wildlife Center

Nouvelle Route Bonaberi (main road), Limbe, Cameroon


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  • Limbe Wildlife Center
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    5 Oct 19, 2013

    This place was great. I loved it so much I went two days in a row. I'd never seen drills before, and this place just happens to have the second largest captive population of them. Plus there are gorillas and chimps, other primates and more.
    It seems like the animals here are pretty happy and well cared for. They're certainly all in a better place than they had been since all the animals (except those born here) were saved from disgusting poachers or smugglers. Since a lot of those animals can't be returned to the wild, they get to live here and teach people about how awesome these animals are. Ninety percent of the visitors are Cameroonian, which is great. When I was there, they were in the process of rehabilitating and releasing dozens of African grey parrots (my favorite) that had been trapped in illegal pet traders glue traps. They cleaned them up, made sure they were healthy and were slowly releasing them back into the wild. I saw one pair fly over me when I was touring the botanical gardens the next day. It was kinda magical.

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Limbe’s most popular attraction deserves its reputation for excellence. This small but impressive wildlife sanctuary is populated entirely by animals either rescued after being orphaned by poachers or confiscated from illegal pet traders. Gorillas, drills, chimps and more live in well maintained habitats and are looked after by dedicated staff. It’s easy to spend hours just watching the fascinating antics of the residents here. It’s an upsetting reality but the bushmeat and illegal pet trades are critical problems in Cameroon, where it is estimated that as much as 80% of the protein consumed in the country comes from illicit meat. Not only could this render its great apes extinct within 20 years but it is also how some of society’s most notorious diseases, like AIDS and SARS, made the jump from animals to humans. The Limbe Wildlife center does more than rescue the victims of this ongoing tragedy but also helps educate Cameroonians about alternatives to wiping out the incredible treasures that live in their country.
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