14805 Jeffrey Road, Irvine, CA
1 review

Ok if you are basing strictly by the pearl tea with boba this would bump up a star... but when you factor in everything, it goes down... this boba joint hit 2etoiles due to the intangibles... I got a Lychee green tea with half sugar and it was pretty tasty. Definitely enjoyable. The boba was slightly chewy and wasnt over ...

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  • 41
    2.45 mi

    Seabirds Truck

    Jamboree, Irvine, CA
    2.45 mi from Lollicup
    3 reviews

    Two words: Avocado Tacos! Those tacos are like vegan crack. The Beer Battered Avocado Taco was something I never imagined, so I had no expectations, and boy-oh-boy was it good! All the goodness of creamy, delicious, mouthwatering avocado paired with the crunch, textures and flavors of cabbage, red onion and jalapeno sauce that make a taco so enjoyable. Yes they ...

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  • 42
    1.41 mi

    Koba Tofu House

    14370 Culver Dr, #J, Irvine, CA 92604
    1.41 mi from Lollicup
    6 reviews

    This used to be my #1 place to go to for the Korean Tofu place to go to, but not anymore! The service here has become HORRIBLE! First, waited about 10 minutes before someone came to help with putting our name down to get a seat. Then, when we got seated, took another 10 minutes for someone to take our ...

  • 43
    3.05 mi

    Dave & Buster's

    71 Fortune Dr., Suite 960, Irvine, CA
    3.05 mi from Lollicup
    4 reviews

    DnB's recently underwent a modern remodel in order to create a more young and hip vibe. Gone are the dark dingy bars and old brass fixtures. In its place is now is a more open space with ambient modern lighting. The space definitely oozes more of. Loungey feel after the redo. The food here isn't bad either. I had the ...

  • 44
    2.94 mi

    The Lazy Dog Cafe

    2.94 mi from Lollicup
    5 reviews

    I guess it's difficult for bigger chains to stay consistent.. But nonetheless, food quality and customer service should always be close to (or at least striving towards...) 100% right!? I would NOT recommend anyone to come here on a Saturday night. Period. Service is WAY too slow. No "call-ahead" like BJ's. LOOONNNGGG wait.. and the food preparation is poor.. For ...

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  • 45
    2.88 mi

    Paul Martin's American Grill

    31 Fortune Dr #302, Irvine, CA 92618, United States
    2.88 mi from Lollicup
    6 reviews

    ****2014 Restaurant Week Review**** It's that time of year again when fancy restaurants become accessible to the masses. Three course dinner for $30 - don't mind if I do! Made my reservation through OpenTable for a weekday evening and was pumped to get glam'd up for a night out on the town. Situated right in Irvine Spectrum, this restaurant makes ...

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  • 46
    1.36 mi

    The Lime Truck

    1.36 mi from Lollicup
    4 reviews

    Service was very very slow. -1 Award Winning Ceviche ($10)- Over priced..small portions, there was more chips than the actual Ceviche there.. & too much lime!! I've had much better @ Mexican restaurants -1

  • 47
    1.55 mi

    Boiling Point

    14140 Culver Drive, Irvine, CA
    1.55 mi from Lollicup
    6 reviews

    Not your typical hot pot place. Your "hot pot" is served to you with ALL of your food already in it. So you don't get to cook anything. Not sure if it's a problem but I made sure to grab the beef out of the pot and put it aside so it wouldn't over cook in the pot. The food ...

  • 48
    2.99 mi

    Cold Stone Creamery

    71 Fortune Drive #842, Irvine, CA, United States
    2.99 mi from Lollicup
    3 reviews

    I don't know why this place get such a bad review. I love their ice-creme because they make it the way you want it. This is also one of the few ice-creme shops that makes fresh waffle cones and bowls now a days. I been coming here since I was in high school, so I want to see it keep ...

  • 49
    1.45 mi

    Santouka Ramen

    14230 Culver Dr
    1.45 mi from Lollicup
    3 reviews

    Its a fairly expensive ramen place for the OC area and there are much better options nearby. The portions are fairly small and you pay around 10 bucks. Service is quicker as it lies in Mitsuwa, however for quality Ramen, I recommend Shinsengumi

  • 50
    1.46 mi

    Santouka Ramen

    14230 Culver Dr, Irvine, California
    1.46 mi from Lollicup
    4 reviews

    One of my favorite ramen shops in the US. Santouka made the perfect shio soup; very flavorful! Noodles were firm and the thick, curly kind. A must-try for ramen lovers. Regular, or medium, was a decent portion, good enough for lunch, but if having Santouka for dinner, do pair with a small rice bowl or order a large bowl. This ...

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  • 51
    2.25 mi


    3972 Barranca Parkway Ste D, Irvine, California
    2.25 mi from Lollicup

    I love ice cream, but I don't see what all the hype is with Creamistry. It takes them at least a good 5 minutes to prepare your liquid nitrogen ice cream, even without anyone else in the shop. The ice cream itself is tasty, but doesn't really seem special or different enough to me to justify the $7 for a ...

  • 52
    1.52 mi

    Curry House

    14407 Culver Dr, Irvine, CA 92604
    1.52 mi from Lollicup
    3 reviews

    Great customer service ;-) Stone pot dishes are so yummy on a cold day. The curry is so thick & yummy's to die for =) Be sure to sign up for their email list to get coupons & discounts. =)

  • 53
    2.71 mi


    38 Prism, Irvine, CA 92618-3139, United States
    2.71 mi from Lollicup
    3 reviews

    Great Starbucks, one of the nicest I've seen that's perfect for studying or just getting your work done. Great layout; very comfy & great for people watching. Nice outdoor seating too. =) My only gripe about this place is that there's not many parking spaces available outside =(

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  • 54
    2.25 mi

    Urban Plates

    3972 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, California
    2.25 mi from Lollicup
    5 reviews

    I love how all the entrees here are $10, so you get to choose a salad, entree, or sandwich, all for the same price. The food itself is on the healthier side (organic chicken, etc.), but still tasty. Entrees also come with 1 or 2 sides and a grilled focaccia, so it's a good portion side for lunch. Grab a ...

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  • 55
    2.94 mi

    Lazy Dog Cafe

    2.94 mi from Lollicup

    I love this place especially during the weekday! There's so many great choices durning their happy hour and for a great price too~ I also love how I can bring my dog to the outdoor area, so he can be my company too!

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  • 56
    1.58 mi

    Caspian Restaurant

    14100 Culver Dr, Irvine, CA 92604
    1.58 mi from Lollicup
    2 reviews

    If you like Iranian/persian cuisine, I thing you'd enjoy this place. Their chicken koubideh is absolutely delicious. They have belly dancing shows on the weekend and overall it's a nice little spot to eat. Many people hold parties there as it is a very big venue and quite lively on the weekends. Parking in this plaza can be tough. Drive ...

  • 57
    1.67 mi

    All That Barbecue

    15333 Culver Dr Ste 100
    1.67 mi from Lollicup
    2 reviews

    We grilled beef short ribs in Bulgogi marinade, pork belly to dust with sea salt, an octopus stew and more without limit, for a ridiculous steal at $20 per person. The Korean side dishes (also bottomless) were included. Soju sold separately. The restaurant is a carnivore's haven, a zoo open until midnight, and reservations a must. Also must have the ...

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  • 58
    2.84 mi

    Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill

    57 Fortune Dr, Irvine, CA 92618-4939, United States
    2.84 mi from Lollicup
    3 reviews

    [CATERING REVIEW] About every 2 weeks, my company orders lunch from here. It's our favorite choice! So this review is based off their catered food. (It might also be tastier because it's free for me!) BUT I do really like their Garlic Rolls, very soft and tasty. And they're still warm when they arrive. Tri-tip = Tender! The sauce it ...

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  • 59
    1.79 mi

    Trader Joe's

    6222 Irvine Boulevard, Irvine, CA, United States
    1.79 mi from Lollicup
    2 reviews

    Yeah for Trader Joe's! Step away from the Fast Food. Put down the grease ball and go to Trader Joe's! The name sounds funny when I first heard it, because I thought of a pirate for some reason. I thought of a :Trader" a person that betrays you and "Joe" a shipmate or a seafood restaurant like Joe's crab shack ...

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  • 60
    2.63 mi

    Taco Rosa

    13792 Jamboree Road, Irvine, CA, United States
    2.63 mi from Lollicup
    2 reviews

    Breakfast usually isn't the first thing I think about on a Sunday morning, but with Taco Rosa I'll make an exception. The wealth of Mexican and Breakfast options combined with Mariachi music, good company, and a pleasant eating environment transformed my droopy eyes to eager "kid in the candy shop" status. I guess the enormous chocolate fondue fountain definitely didn't ...

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