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    0.21 mi

    Swensen's Ice Cream

    0.21 mi from Lombard Street

    Years ago when I lived in San Francisco (on the Cow Hollow/Russian Hill cusp), I would sometimes take the Cable Car home. This Swensen's is was the place to get off, buy a cone, and head down the hill. Much of the old Swensen's chain seems to be gone, but the "Mother Ship" is still a light in the storm ...

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    0.25 mi

    Za Pizza

    0.25 mi from Lombard Street
    5 reviews

    Hey Cris! Missing you here in SF. Down to business. Sit at Za and try to calculate how much that intimate neighborhood pizzeria makes an hour, compare it to its likely rent, the # of guys working back there, and realize it is quite profitable to be standing tall after years of operation. I used to live across the street ...

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    0.27 mi

    Gary Danko

    0.27 mi from Lombard Street
    43 reviews

    Great atmosphere - much more lively than most restaurants in this class. And the food is always amazing!

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    0.63 mi

    House of Prime Rib

    0.63 mi from Lombard Street
    46 reviews

    My House of Prime Rib visit was quite disastrous and disappointing. If you hail from Los Angeles or anywhere else that Lawry's exists, I would recommend skipping this restaurant altogether. For starters, we had to make a reservation well ahead of time. We arrived a few minutes early to our reservation and ended up waiting another 45 minutes before being ...

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    0.73 mi

    Off the Grid - Fort Mason

    0.73 mi from Lombard Street
    40 reviews

    Very fun! Great selection of cuisine! Loved the bacon truck and a creme brûlée to complete the night! Great live music and Dj too.

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    0.54 mi

    Boudin Sourdough Bakery & Cafe

    0.54 mi from Lombard Street
    45 reviews

    I always stop by the place when I have friends come visit me in SF. It's crowded all the time. So, you need to get there early.

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    0.57 mi

    Tony's Pizza Napoletana

    0.57 mi from Lombard Street
    34 reviews

    The pizza here is to die for! It's really well-known, so expect a wait for a table in the evenings. My friend and I each got one of the cream sodas (recommended!) and a margherita pizza to share. DELICIOUS!

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    0.29 mi

    Ghirardelli Chocolate - Ghirardelli Square

    0.29 mi from Lombard Street
    37 reviews

    Definitely try something on the menu, but be sure to split it between two or three people! I got vanilla ice cream on top of a gooey chocolate chip cookie and between the both of us, my aunt and I couldn't finish! It was very rich and satisfying.

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    0.54 mi

    Mama's on Washington Square

    0.54 mi from Lombard Street
    31 reviews

    I'm a healthy eater, so I try and avoid brunch items that involve a lot of greasy animal parts. Sadly, this limits my selection to tofu scrambles and egg white scrambles and, when I'm not feeling adventurous, scrambles. It gets boring. Thankfully, Mama's offers a great menu of healthy items (yes, even a scramble but it's surprisingly hearty) and charges ...

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    0.71 mi

    The Stinking Rose

    0.71 mi from Lombard Street
    30 reviews

    I like the Notion of garlic and i like garlic. good food with a unique restaurant in little Italy.

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    0.45 mi

    Nick's Crispy Tacos

    0.45 mi from Lombard Street
    27 reviews

    Very good tacos in a cool neighborhood. Be sure to call before you go as we found some of the posted hours to be incorrect online.

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    0.31 mi

    Buena Vista Cafe

    0.31 mi from Lombard Street
    25 reviews

    Great decor - very old school and felt iconic. Family seating, so don't be shy and share your table with the other groups of tourists who also came to try their Irish coffee. Speaking of their Irish coffee, they are so good at making it that it comes out quickly and hot. It was my first time drinking an Irish ...

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    0.84 mi

    The Tonga Room

    0.84 mi from Lombard Street
    31 reviews

    I can only grade the bar since we only came here for cocktails. We got: Pineapple Royale $13 - Aged rum, brandy, Cointreau, and fresh pineapple juice Smugglers Golden Punch Bowl $34 - White rum, yellow chartreuse, lemon juice, honey, ginger & bitters You're paying more for the ambiance, because in the middle of the restaurant, is a square pool ...

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    0.72 mi

    The House

    0.72 mi from Lombard Street

    Have I told you I love ASIAN FUSION food? Indeed, I do I do!!! Must order when coming to THE HOUSE: 1)Deep-fried salmon roll with chinese hot mustard 2)Grilled sea bass with garlic ginger soy 3) Black cod special 4) Grilled ahi tuna (rare) with spicy mustard aioli The best dinner that anyone could ask for. Not to mention their ...

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    0.96 mi

    R & G Lounge

    0.96 mi from Lombard Street
    28 reviews

    Popular with waiguoren and Chinese customers alike, this slightly upscale Chinatown eatery is famous above all for its fantastic salt-and-pepper crab, which though pricey is worth every penny for those with a strong yen to make a meal of our pinchiest sea-dwelling friends. Anthony Bourdain featured R & G on his SF visit, which personally is reason enough for me ...

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    0.63 mi

    Don Pisto's Restaurant

    0.63 mi from Lombard Street
    17 reviews

    dropped in on a sunday afternoon for a quick lunch. this is on a side street in North Beach with pretty barren indoor decor. which means, of course, that it's all about the food! order up! 1 taco order comes with 2 tacos for about $8-9 bucks, not super cheap, but the quality is really good. i'm not a mexican ...

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  • 17
    0.79 mi

    Golden Gate Bakery

    0.79 mi from Lombard Street
    19 reviews

    One of the best Luxury boutique hotel I've ever stayed. We were surrounded by luxury, Elegant accommodations. This is a great find of a cute boutique hotel in San Francisco area. San Bruno (a quiet town) and only about 15 minutes from Downtown San Francisco. The hotel is 5 years new and it is own by a local resident of ...

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    0.96 mi


    0.96 mi from Lombard Street
    22 reviews

    I ate here for the first time a few days ago and I was surprised on how juicy and flavorful the tacos are. I ordered the Mole Chicken tacos. SO good.

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    1.0 mi

    Fleur De Lys

    1.0 mi from Lombard Street
    19 reviews

    One of San Francisco's best French restaurants. The dining room offers a romantic atmosphere and a very quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Be prepared to spend at least $350 for two.

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    0.78 mi

    Swan Oyster Depot

    0.78 mi from Lombard Street
    21 reviews

    This is one of the places to eat in SF that I get MOST excited about. Fresh, local seafood in a lively, local spot. Weekend lines can be long, but grab yourself a coffee and wait in's worth it.

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