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    Borough Market

    111 reviews

    This market is my favourite in the world. It has a charming atmosphere, and there are many reasonably priced foods to pick up. They have a fantastic selection of homemade preserves of interesting flavours, and delectable street foods made fresh before your eyes.

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  • 2

    Camden Town

    162 reviews

    I think this is one of my favorite places to visit in London! It is a place so full of things to discover that you can spend a day walking around the various shops and stalls. Keep your eyes out for the West yard in Camden Lock (where they have the most amazing selection of street food, that you can ...

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  • 3

    Fortnum & Mason

    37 reviews

    One of London's classic places to shop, there is no better place in London to inhale the perfume of exotic teas, shop for frivolous foods with which to stuff a picnic hamper, and generally absorb the atmosphere of English opulence than Fortnum & Mason.

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  • 4


    216 reviews

    Being a foodie, I came here only to see the famous food court. It is a fantastic epicerie, where you can find all the best chocolate in the world, spices, condiments and ingredients. A must go if you like to cook, or just to eat. :)

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  • 5

    Covent Garden

    108 reviews

    Covent garden is well worth a visit, particularly if are up for a good shop! It is a very quaint neighborhood, but definitely has it's quirks! When I visited, there was a man hanging upside down from a lamp post playing his guitar. This incident has perhaps forever defined my perception of Covent Garden!

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  • 6

    London Chinatown

    79 reviews

    There's always a great place for a steaming bowl of noodle soup or a plate of rice with roast pork and duck. Try out New World for their Dim Sum.

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  • 7

    Brick Lane

    45 reviews

    The place to go for a curry. There are waiters outside each restaurant trying to tempt you in with deals. Haggle and you might get a bargain!

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  • 8

    Camden Lock

    43 reviews

    Love this place. It's for young people who love street food, night clubs and gothic costume shops. Very different than West London which is more "posh & preppy". This place is for hipsters and emerging artsy designers. It's becoming a very trendy place and the rents are getting very expensive in the area.

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  • 9

    Shard London Bridge

    20 reviews

    I was pleasantly surprised by the bar at the shard and with the family enjoyed a few cocktails in a calm surrounding with amazing simple design and of course the best views of London. I am not a fan of the shard but from here you don't see it blighting the London skyline!

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  • 10

    Carnaby Street

    46 reviews

    Full of quirky colorful shops and cafés... Definitely a jolly place!

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  • 11

    Piccadilly Circus

    237 reviews

    Piccadilly Circus was a site of constant activity!!! People and shops everywhere, amid the hustle and bustle of the market square and shopping area. Especially prolific were small boutique stores and tiny eateries. Exciting place to visit and shop around.

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  • 12

    Camden Market

    4 reviews

    This was one of my absolute favorite places to visit. Camden Market is the exemplification of young London-- it's like a street faire, with food and shopping (second-hand, hand-made, boutique, etc). Above all, go to experience the people. There are kids from all backgrounds, and I really loved seeing how they could all come together in one place and appreciate ...

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  • 13

    Green Man & French Horn

    3 reviews

    I can never find a decent place to eat around Trafalgar Square, and so was over the top psyched to find this little French place. Great wine list and fab menu ranging from oysters to rillette to partridge to a clam and bacon dish that is done much better than you'd expect. They've got theatre menu deals as well.

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  • 14

    Selfridges Department Store

    58 reviews

    Love the food hall. They have a Jewish salt beef eatery here which is scrumptious.

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  • 15


    9 reviews

    A giant selection of nice wines in a cavernous space...the main benefit being that it's on the Southbank, one of London's more perfect areas for hanging out, eating, drinking, and even art.

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  • 16

    Notting Hill

    70 reviews

    Great neighborhood that is loaded with tons of very good restaurants and bars. It's kind of a mix of NY's Soho and West village from what I remember. Great for couples, families and friends for a day about or a night out.

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  • 17

    Smithfield Market

    5 reviews

    London's best meat market and location of the famous 1647 riot. Near the city and convenient to transport links.

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  • 18

    Southbank London

    56 reviews

    Vibrant, fun, great atmosphere, lots of great places to eat and drink both in and outside. Close to the London Eye. Easy to get to from Waterloo station and can then walk along the River Thames to get to London Bridge station. Also close to The Globe (Shakespeare's theatre).

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  • 19

    Portobello Market

    37 reviews

    This is one of my favourite haunts - the stalls are great especially for vintage clothing and jewellery. The market is lined with budget cafes too.

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  • 20

    Broadway Market

    7 reviews

    London's hippest market, Broadway Market fills the east London street of the same name each Saturday. It's hard to tell what's more fun: sampling the many delicacies like cured meats and artisanal chocolates, or ogling the hipster fashion show. Best to go early, when the food is fresher and the crowds thin enough for peaceful browsing.

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