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    Don Day

    8 reviews

    This was the only KBBQ in L.A. that rated 4.5 stars at the time we dined here. After a long day in the Convention Center, we were very hungry afterward, picked this place after we saw a good review, and were looking for a good KBBQ Feast. [Location] - Located in a less popular area of K-Town, share same plaza ...

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  • 2

    The Griddle Cafe

    Not much too add after 30 reviewers have previously posted. Street parking, with a few stalls outback in the alley. Portions are ginormous and prices are fantastic. I just wanted to bump bump bump!

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  • 3


    13 reviews

    There's no question about it: Bestia is the bestest, or at least a close contender for that title along with the likes of Baco Mercat. Although it is somewhat out of the way in an as-yet dubious part of downtown, it more than makes up for this in other regards. The space is open and inviting, with tall ceilings and ...

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  • 4

    San Antonio Winery

    I love this place! They have cheap alcohol here. I saw beer for like two bucks each (which I assume is for each bottle rather than a pack of 4, but that's still good!). And guess what, this is the home to Stella Rosa! If you like wines, definitely come check this place out. You get 3 free complimentary tastings. ...

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  • 5

    Philippe the Original

    29 reviews

    OMG my review for this place disappeared somehow. I LOVE THIS JOINT! but hey what do you expect from a Triple D destination! This is my favorite grub spot within 5 miles of Grand Central Station. Also better known as Downtown LA! The king of dips IMHO. Its gotten a bit more expensive over the years but the grub here ...

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  • 6

    Golden Road Brewing

    7 reviews

    Love love love this place! Just walking in through the entrance already gives me that really exciting vibe. From the entrance, you can see that there is a fussball table, a ping pong table, and some bean bag games. Further in, you can see that there is a cage area where you can throw wooden sticks to knock off a ...

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  • 7


    5 reviews

    While visiting LA, my friend and I were looking for a Japanese restaurant that wasn't too far of a walk and nearby the Grove. After a few findings, we came across this place. Took us a good 15 minute walk from the Grove and didn't expect this place to be quite popular. Thankfully, we skipped out on another restaurant we ...

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  • 8

    Yuko Kitchen

    4 reviews

    the cutest little gem in this part of town. used to be our secret go-to place but glad that others found it. the drinks here (all the bobas and milkshake) are amazing, the desserts are so cute, and all the menu items have cute names like "bowlitoes." I love their bowls, their tuna salads, their huge rolls, pretty much everything. ...

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  • 9

    Le Pain Quotidien

    2 reviews

    Great breakfast! Probably the best I've had in the US

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  • 10

    Overland Cafe

    Definately the place to be on a sunday, after a hard night of drinking. The breakfast is hearty, and will make your hangover woes go away, especially the The Crab Cake Eggs Benedict, the sauce is awesome. Bottomless champagne? I'm sold. The only downside is the noise levels, but it's a casual environment, nothing to be dressed up and expect ...

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  • 11

    Iota Brew Cafe

    12 reviews

    What an awesome cafe!!! Totally different from your regular coffee shops in the South Bay. IOTA Brew Cafe is a Korean coffee joint that is ultra modern, with giant TVs, a large selection of coffees, iced shakes, desserts, and a giant wall selection of wines! The pistachio/almond iced shake was wonderful! Very hip, modern, and tasty! Come to this place ...

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  • 12

    The Roger Room

    4 reviews

    Not necessarily the cheapest place for drinks, but they do have pretty special drinks I've got to say. My friend wanted to get the Hello Kitty Japanese Maple drink, and it was actually pretty good. I got the Old Sport, and it had a good amount of alcohol in it. They also have absinthe!! Not many places I know has ...

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  • 13

    RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen

    9 reviews

    Overall: 3.5 stars but bumped it up due to excellent service & decor. =) Grilled tiger Shrimps 4 stars Good sized & Yummy but on the Salty side. Singapore mussels - 3 stars - On the spicier side but sauce was too liquidy & needed more Coconut milk. Crab w/ cellophane noodles - 3.5 stars Spicy but too Salty needs ...

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  • 14

    Pampas Grill

    5 reviews

    A different spin on Brazilian BBQ, Cafeteria style and you pay by the pound. That works for me. Located at the Grove in the LA farmers market. Pampas Grill is a Brazilian charuscaria. You pick your choice of salad, buffet items and finally the meats. Everything is weighed and priced by the pound. The first section is where you'll find ...

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  • 15

    Frances Bakery & Coffee

    5 reviews

    This "Frances donut" (aka cronut) is incredible. Flaky, crunchy, sweet.

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  • 16

    Local Table

    I am so happy I discovered this restaurant during Dine LA last weekend! The menu was really interesting with a variety of choices (pork chop, steak, halibut) and the price was on the cheaper side compared to what I expected - $35! The kitchen does close quite early for a Saturday night - 9:00 PM but although we were a ...

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  • 17

    Gumbo Pot

    3 reviews

    I've never had gumbo before, so this review may be very generous as my sample comes from a pool of one. Nevertheless, I had a fabulous experience and loved the distinct kick of the Ya-ya. The Seafood was a tasty milder version, but after trying the ya-ya you really can't go back. Additionally all the gumbos come with a side ...

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  • 18

    The Classic Coffee

    2 reviews

    With what The Coffee Movement has been providing within Los Angeles, The Classic Coffee will be a great contributor. As it being within DTLA, parking is as expected....rough. Closing at 8pm, one can sneak a spot on 9th for free. With a few new baristas that are interested on the art, The Classic is a must check. CHEERS!!

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  • 19

    Diddy Riese Cookies

    38 reviews

    I've had the privilege of being able to try Diddy Riese's famous cookies, and they definitely are amazing if you are into cookies in general. When I was an undergrad, my apartment complex would have events and a few times they would bring back fresh Diddy Riese cookies for the residents. They were still warm and amazingly soft and melt ...

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  • 20

    Road to Seoul

    26 reviews

    Back when AYCE kbbq wasn't as popular as it is now, the only restaurant I remember hearing about was Road to Seoul. I finally was able to try out their kbbq and I do have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I was with a party of 9 and we had originally made reservations at Moodaepo, but the wait ...

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