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    Bronson Canyon-Griffith Park

    2 reviews

    Popular hiking trail for tourists. The trail we chose led us behind the hollywood sign (the trail at the end of the parking lot, not the first one u pass when you enter to park). A good short trail / passed so many cute doggies / lots of horse poop

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  • 2

    Little Tokyo

    38 reviews

    One of my foodie paradise destination. Great place to lounge around and enjoy the street performers going crazy on the shamisen (it's like a Japanese banjo... But not... Hope that makes sense). Parking is a hit on miss. You get your parking validated if you park in the little Tokyo mall and buy something at nijiya, Japanese supermarket. Or look ...

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  • 3

    Ernest E Debs Regional Park

    2 reviews

    Beware the loch errr lake errr pond monster... OMG its a baby Nessie! I know it since I got a photo of it. It was about 4-6 inches long and had a huge hump on its back and its head was sticking out of the water an inch ahead... ohhh wait... it was a turtle... or was it O_o However ...

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  • 4

    Runyon Canyon Park

    63 reviews

    Where can you find all the pretentious workout types who don’t go to the gym in Hollywood? Well obviously they are all here at Runyon Canyon (at the same time) doing a workout of either jogging/climbing/hiking or whatever. I decided to go hike here with a friend last week and it was a great lil hike/workout, except for the fact ...

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  • 5


    2 reviews

    I gotta brag... I totally deserve to brag: I BIKED 30MILES AT CicLAvia!!!! Reason why I'm bragging: I learned how to ride a bike the NIGHT BEFORE! YEAAAAAAH Reason I did it: BF had an epic time doing this last year and he wanted me to experience it with him this year. IM SORRY: - to those I accidentally ran ...

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  • 6

    The Last Bookstore

    13 reviews

    I heard of this place from a number of internet sources and my curiosity got the best of me. The place itself is in an old building that has quite a bit of character. There's a couple of old bank vaults in the store and a number of random art installations on the top floor. I love the charm of ...

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  • 7

    Echo Park

    11 reviews

    Peaceful park with a great view of LA! I finally checked this place out during the hidden cash craze. My boyfriend and I had some time to kill so we drove to Echo park when the famous hiddencash twitter hinted where he's going to hide some money. The park is clean and I really loved walking around it. Parking was ...

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  • 8

    Rooftop Bar @The Standard

    35 reviews

    The Standard... is the place to be! The High Line will get you there! Fabulous view and ambiance!

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  • 9

    Mount Wilson Observatory

    7 reviews

    Mt. Wilson has the world's largest telescopes, offering long-range views of both celestial and solar proportions. I am thoroughly intrigued by outer space, so I was like a kid at Christmas here: seeing stars, planets, and other bodies out there beyond our planet excited me to no end. The observatory is also quite famous; Edwin Hubble used its facilities for ...

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  • 10

    Great Labels

    2 reviews

    My GF and I headed to Great Labels hoping to find affordable and fantastic dresses. She needed a cocktail dress and I was looking for a more causal summer dress for travel. While we didn't find exactly what we wanted we had an fantastic time trying on dresses from Gautier to Prada to Chanel, from staid to wild. "This is ...

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  • 11

    Griffith Park

    52 reviews

    I've been coming to Griffith Park for many, many years now. I am still discovering new wonders each and every time. It's a great place to hike, run, hang out with the family, people watch, play golf, picnic, and photograph LA life. The vistas from the top of the hills are gorgeous and second to none. Yes, LA is a ...

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  • 12

    Griffith Observatory

    157 reviews

    A unique LA location, on clear day you can see all the surounding sub-citties in LA, from the valley to the Ocean. It's beautiful at night under a full moon. Highly recommend to take visitor to LA. Also a good date location. It's located close to great dinning area in Los Feliz. You could have it all, dinner and a ...

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  • 13

    Hollywood Sign

    100 reviews

    So I have done a quick look at all of the Hollywood Sign hiking trails and it looks like most of you did the Hollyridge Trail... Consequently I think you just like the odor of the horsies... However I made the trek a different way, which was longer, only partially on the super wide paved service roads and sometimes charging ...

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  • 14

    Silverlake Reservoir

    5 reviews

    So how do you want to workout; like the dating crowd at the gym or do you want to get outside into nature and enjoy some time in the sun getting your sweat on? This is just one of those times, where you need to learn what is the better direction for you. Pro Tip: The circumference of the park ...

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  • 15

    Walt Disney Concert Hall

    80 reviews

    Don't just listen to music - FEEL IT with your entire body! Your body is comprised of 70% water - learn what that means in this amazing theater!

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  • 16

    Farmers Market

    51 reviews

    There are local framers markets listed in our guest book. Some are walking distance form the house. One of my favorites overlooks the ocean , you can shop with the dolphins! We even offer the Farmers Market cookbook for your use. The LA Farmers Market, advertised here, is quite a treat and beside a great upscale shopping center

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  • 17

    Echo Park Lake

    5 reviews

    Great park, walk around the lake, recently 100% renovated

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  • 18

    Exposition Park Rose Garden

    8 reviews

    I love this place and always have... The munchkin loves it too. I think many others find this place an unabashed sea of delight in an otherwise barren concrete wasteland. Pro Tip: This is free to cruise through =) However be very careful you do not visit here with friends of not the highest demeanor. One ill (perfectly) timed shove ...

    Popular withFamiliesOutdoorGreen
  • 19

    Exhale Venice

    4 reviews

    Probably the most pretentious of LA yoga studios, excluding Bikram and YogaWorks, Exhale is home to some of the most infamous Westside teachers i.e. Shiva Re, Sean Korn,etc. The space is big and open, but the rooms fill up very quickly if you are planning on going to a VIP teacher's class. Yes, there are fantastic teachers here but you ...

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  • 20

    Pacific Palisades Neighborhood

    2 reviews

    Great hiking!

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