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    Karnak Temple

    31 reviews

    So good, I went twice. It was better in February than May -- cooler & less overrun. Check out the newish Open Air Museum with Hatshepsut's reconstructed Bark Shrine of pink granite. For people interested in Egyptology, it's worth the extra entry fee. A good guide is useful -- there's just so much to see, it's mind numbing otherwise. Beware ...

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    Valley of the Kings

    14 reviews

    interessante gräber

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    Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis

    11 reviews

    one of the hot spots of tourisic in egypt, so there are a lot of hotels, guest houses and restaurants, people are mostly friendly but you have to look whom you trust.

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    Luxor Museum

    10 reviews

    I really wanted to love this. It has some nice displays but somehow doesn't quite live up to the majesty of the archaeological sights it is intended to support. A nice accompaniment to any studying you have already done but don't expect to learn a lot. The a/c here is a welcome blessing and was probably the highlight for me.

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    Valley of the Kings

    8 reviews

    Really beautiful and worth seeing but make sure you go on days when all the tombs are open and not just a few.

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    Temple of Hathor

    4 reviews

    This is actually about and hour or so drive from Luxor and is well worth seeing. Not only for some very well preserved reliefs but hardly any tourists around. For example the ceiling as you walk in is amazing!

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    Temple of Hatshepsut

    2 reviews

    One of my favorite sights near Luxor -- partially because it can be reached by a nice hike out of the Valley of the Kings. The architecture here is distinctive / a bit refreshing after visiting the tombs. Unfortunately, doesn't make it onto many day-trip itineraries.

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    Medinat Habu

    2 reviews

    The most amazing thing about the Habu temple (Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III) is that you can still see a lot of the original colours of the carvings.

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    Howard Carter House

    1 review

    Even before the Revolution , the restoration of the house was causing by Dr. Hawass! Do not be confused by guides who offer a home on a plateau than that of Howard Carter. It is wrong. To the house of H. Carter, it was now green with vegetation, behind it is a is a cafe. Inside the house there was ...

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    The Oberoi Philae

    1 review

    I dread cruises and really dreaded this one but was pleasantly surprised. The ship is intimate, never feels crowded, and the service and food were excellent. A good mix of luxury and local ambience. A wonderful way to see life along the river as well as the major sights. The roof deck on this ship is less luxurious than others. ...

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    Hike to Deir al-Bahri

    1 review

    It is very easy to hike out of the Valley of the Kings over to Deir al-Bahri to see the Temple of Hatshepsut. The hike isn't very difficult -- I think it took us about an hour with plenty of stops. Be sure to take water, a hat, and shades. During my hike there were no tourists and only one ...

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    Tomb of Tuthankhamun (KV 62)

    1 review

    Relatively small but big on nostalgia. The big prize is the gold sarcophagus at the end of the walk.

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    Luxor Temple

    1 review

    Small but attractive complete complex right in the middle of Luxor. Like the first place you'll visit when you arrive. Easy to walk to and attractive at all hours. Be sure to visit in the evening when the lighting adds to the ambience.

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    1 review
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    Tomb of Ramses IV (KV2)

    1 review

    Nice tomb with attractive paintings, some with vivid color. A large sarcophagus at the end of the decent.

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    Tomb of Ramses IX (KV6)

    1 review

    One of the more popular tombs. The paintings here are relatively well-preserved and some of the drawings retain a fair amount of color.

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    Tomb of Sennutem

    1 review

    Nicely decorated workmen's tomb. Provides an interesting contrast to the more lavish tombs found in the Valley of the Kings.

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    Tomb of Ramses VII (KV1)

    1 review

    Unfinished so lacking in some of the detail that you find in some of the other tombs. Relatively short. Missable if you are short on time.

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