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    • Vetri1312 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
      Pro 2014
      D'Maris Coffman recommended Vetri
      Unquestionably Philadelphia's very best restaurant. Mark Vetri is the man, and he's trained most of the most promising restauranteers in town. It is maybe the best Italian restaurant in North America. ... read more
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      D'Maris Coffman

      `This would be my restaurant recommendation, but again not sure what you are asking exactly.

    • Jim Barton commented on this trip

      If you could be a little more specific I could help you as I live in Philadelphia.

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    • Katie Pierce commented on this trip

      Are you planning to take public transport, drive or ride share? Also how long are you looking to stay? Do you need a hotel? If you provide some further information, your fellow Gogobotters will be better able to help you estimate your trip costs.

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    Help M Vance II plan a great trip.

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