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    0.27 mi

    Zuma Restaurant

    0.27 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    5 reviews

    Classic Japanese comes Istanbul with this amazing waterfront location in a period building with views of the Ortakoy Mosque and Bosphorus Bridge. Less dressy than its London or Hong Kong branches but the food is just as superb. Try the beef carpaccio with miso and salmon tartare with sevruga caviar

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    0.96 mi

    Inci Pastanesi

    0.96 mi from MAÇKA PARKI

    by walking only 10 min. best profiterol dessert at town. very old

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    0.58 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    3 reviews

    The two main attractions to eating at Kitchenette are the decor and the outdoor setting. In the summertime Bebek is one of the most fashionable districts, especially at night. Dinner by candlelight at Kitchenette surrounded by young, chic Turks and Europeans is one of the best ways to feel in touch with modern Istanbul. Kitchenette's western fare is not bland ...

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    5. Kat Restaurant Bar

    0.87 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    2 reviews

    Great views! The Turkish red wine is actually pretty good!

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    0.37 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    2 reviews

    The restaurant which has the best Bosphorus view in Instanbul.

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    0.81 mi

    Gani Gani

    0.81 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    2 reviews

    Gani Gani is one of my favorite restaurants in Istanbul. The best kababs and lentil soup! This past year my friends and I went there for Christmas dinner and it was the best! the whole place is styled in traditional Ottoman rural style and has a very cozy feel. The food is absolutely delicious and it is all reasonably priced. ...

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    0.77 mi

    Zübeyir Ocakbaşı

    0.77 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
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    0.68 mi

    Kahve Dünyası

    0.68 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    2 reviews

    Kahve Dunyasi is a Turkish coffee brand and chain located throughout Istanbul. The name means "Coffee World" in Turkish. My wife and I frequented the one down the hill from Taksim in Findikli. There are signature dishes. First, the candle lit chocolate fondue with bananas and strawberries is delicious. Second, the chocolate covered espresso beans are not only yummy, they'll ...

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    0.82 mi

    Rumeli Cafe

    0.82 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    2 reviews

    Congratulations for the staff,the cervice,the food,the sweets !!!!

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    0.77 mi

    Starbucks Coffee

    0.77 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    2 reviews

    I often would meet friends at this Starbucks when I lived in Istanbul. Despite having two floors it was nearly always packed. The baristas are unfortunately rather impatient with foreigners, which is foolish since they are located on one of the main tourist thoroughfares.

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    0.43 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    1 review


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    1.0 mi

    Piraye Cafe & Restaurant

    1.0 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    1 review

    Excellent omelets and a very nice place to chill out, a couple of blocks off of Istiklal Caddesi, next to Cihangir Square and the small Firüzaga Mosque.

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    0.77 mi

    U2 istanbul irish pub

    0.77 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    1 review

    YES! there is more than one Irish pub in Istanbul and U2 is by far the best. A little hole in the wall place on a side street off Istiklal, just big enough for a bar and 4 or 5 tables. Worth a visit if you are a Guinness fan or love to watch a good game of Rugby. Carlsberg ...

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    0.69 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    1 review

    This place basically sells desserts made from dairy. Excellent taste if you like Turkish Sutlac (Rice Pudding) and many varieties to choose from.

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    0.41 mi

    Quıck Chına

    0.41 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    1 review

    Best mid - range asian fusian in istanbul.Enjoy !

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    0.48 mi

    Ali Baba Iskender Kebapcisi

    0.48 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    1 review

    Their chicken kebab was AWESOME!!! The chicken was so tender and moist. We went there several times during out stay in Istanbul. This restaurant was located around the corner from our hotel (The W). The service was fantastic, the food was awesome and the price was great!

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    0.77 mi

    Govinda Istanbul

    0.77 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    1 review

    Tasty vegetarian food, made with love and karma-free;)

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    0.59 mi

    Avam Kahvesi

    0.59 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    1 review

    The golden age of the Turkish cinema ended decades ago. But the ideal of the naive star-crossed lovers live on. With walls consecrated to the spirit of nostalgia, Avam Kahvesi (the hoi polloi café) offers an eccentric menu. In addition to apple cookies and filling dishes, they even have a selection of finest ‘gazoz’ (soda) from various cities in Turkey.

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    0.93 mi

    Heirloom Istanbul

    0.93 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    1 review

    Everything is great and healty. This place smells history. U have to try it!

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    0.74 mi

    Hacı Baba Restaurant

    0.74 mi from MAÇKA PARKI
    1 review

    It is located at Beyoğlu, it offers Ottoman-Turkish foods.It's been serving from 1921.You can taste such dishes as Beğendili Kebap Meat) , Kuzu Tandır Meat), Sebzeli Kuzu İncik (Vegetable and Meat), a lot of mezes ;Haydari, Humus, Çerkez Tavuğu (made from chicken), desserts;Kabak tatlısı ( Pumkin dessert), Revani, Şekerpare.

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