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      Travis Katz recommended Pucon
      Very cool little town in the lake district. Main attraction is Volcan Villarica, a huge, snow covered active volcano that you can climb (with a guide) and look inside to see the lava! You need a guide ... read more
      to get to the top (there are plenty in town), and typically the hike requires ice picks and crampons to help you grip the ice. I had a friend who climbed one day when the volcano was shooting rocks into the air. I have climbed it twice, and that never happened though.
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    • Katie Worth commented on this trip

      I've not made it to Coquimbo yet (planning to go in a few weeks) but I know it's super easy to get back and forth between there and La Serena, and there's a lot more hotels and hostels in La Serena. I've heard good things about Hostal Nomades, if that's the one you're thinking of in Coquimbo! Might be worth the money to be close to the action. :) Report back and let me know how you like it up there!

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    • Craig Kellar commented on this trip

      Maddie, another vote for Frommer's. I actually usually prefer Fodor's, but for our trip to Chile (primarily Santiago and Valparaiso) we found Frommer's a great help.

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    • Katie Worth commented on this trip

      I have used two - Lonely Planet and Frommers, and like them both about equally. If you're lower budget, Lonely Planet tends to focus on hostels and cheap hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Lonely Planet also has a cool online feature where you can buy individual chapters online for $5, and then you can either print it out or read it on a kindle/smartphone/computer. So if you're more interested in another guide, you can buy that one and then just purchase the $5 Santiago chapter from Lonely Planet- then you'll have multiple opinions on what to do and where to eat and drink. :)
      Good luck!

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    • Liza Prado commented on this trip

      Hi Maddie: Unfortunately, I can't speak to the best Chile guide out there (to be honest, it really depends on the author and the year it was published [the more recent, the better]) but if you're looking for a cheaper option, Lonely Planet ( sells online PDFs of their chapters for a significantly reduced price. So instead of paying $25 for the entire Chile book, you'd pay $5 for a PDF of the Santiago section. Hope that helps a bit and enjoy your year abroad!

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    • Cerro Santa LucíaAvenida Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 499, Santiago, Chile

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