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Travis Katz recommended Placencia
This town, at the end of a peninsula jutting into the Caribbean is one of Belize's secret treasures. The town is built along a little wooden boardwalk that runs down the center of the peninsula - no ... read more
cars. The beaches are amazing and the fresh seafood (especially the conch fritters) is to die for!
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Travis, did you stay at a hotel on the penninsula? What would you recommend?

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Sharon Lowe recommended Xanadu Resort, Ambergris Caye
We loved our stay in the deluxe 2 bedroom oceanfront unit at Xanadu. Xanadu is close enough to San Pedro to easily get to shops, restaurants, and night clubs, but far enough away that you get peace ... read more
and quiet when you want it. The staff there are incredible - the word "no" is not in their vocabulary. It really felt like a second home to us.
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Sharon Lowe recommended Lamanai Ruins with Lamanai Eco Tours
We had a great trip with Lamanai Eco Tours. First, you go by boat up 27 miles on the New River, where you will see tons of wild life, including spider monkeys who will eat from your hands. Then, you ... read more
tour the main sites of Lamanai, where you can climb the temples for amazing views. After touring, we had a fabulous picnic lunch homemade by the wife of the owner. Definitely worth a trip to see those Mayan ruins!
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