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I like to review Manila because I'm from the Philippines and I grew up in the city. There are lots of things I like and don't like from the city but I think I'll just write what I like because I think it's not patriotic to write stuff that tends to ruin the reputation of your city and country. What ...

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    Makati City

    57 reviews

    I truly love this place. All the shopping, eating, dining, drinking, shopping and what not that you could want is all within walking distance from each other. The area is really a financial district where a lot of higher end retail is located and where a lot of ex patriots and foreigners like to hang out and relax and have ...

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    Quezon City

    25 reviews

    Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines.

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    6 reviews

    This is Manila's city of extreme. Anything along the Manila Bay Area is modern, new and squeeky clean but the inner city, including the old district still needs lot of cleaning, organizing and repainting. But you can get away by just going to the Bay Area district it houses Mall of Asia, which was hailed as World's largest Mall (outside ...

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    3 reviews

    Policarpio Street, Mandaluyong is a 150-meter street in Mandaluyong which come Christmastime transforms into a wonderland of lights. Millions of flickering, shimmering Christmas lights wrap the houses from the towers to the gates, the windows and the doors, the walls and the trees. The rooftops and gardens are adorned with belens (nativity scenes), Santa Clauses, toys, and other Christmas motifs. The crowd who flock ...

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    3 reviews
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    City of San Juan

    2 reviews

    very beautiful loved it

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    Malabon City

    2 reviews

    What a hopeful place!

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    Taguig City

    4 reviews

    Upscale everything but friendly people with warm smiles everywhere

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    5 reviews

    Theres a lot to do here. Hell, it's probably where you fly into when you visit manila. There's lots of place to go shop, eat, and party. I do stress that a lot of the areas that are undeveloped... are undeveloped. Its not a place I would suggest hanging out unless you're are among friends who can take care of ...

  • 10

    Antipolo City

    10 reviews

    Its my bed so better be a five star rate for it...:)

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    6 reviews

    Like many places in the Philippines this is another area filled with both people and shopping centers. I admit that certain places have a special place in my heart for either cultural, historical or simply recreational reason. Pasig would fall more into the recreational. There are places to eat and shop.. I cant recall any where in particular to eat ...

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    Cavite City

    12 reviews

    Katipunan! Know history and know self.. to some certain regions carry a lot of nostalgia and history. Some would call certain areas to be known for certain qualities befitting a particularly desired trait. Cavite was known for such things... the Katipunan being one such entity. This was one of the original provinces to rise up against spanish rule and has ...

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    3 reviews


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    Las Pinas

    2 reviews

    This is my hometown, and its a great city to live in :)

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    Marikina City

    4 reviews

    Marikina City also known as the shoe capital of the Philippines has a magnificent place that captures me.It is what they call the River Park(a park beside the river). From Marikina Sports Complex you can ride a boat to the other end of the park or just walk if you want and exercise ^^,,The last time we came here is ...

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    Bacoor City

    2 reviews

    A place were you can find me. near in baustista battle bridge.. most hundsome people..

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    2 reviews
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    1 review
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