Mapito Tented Camp Serengeti

near Ikoma gate, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania


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    5 Sep 07, 2012

    Mapito translated into English means "path". As in this place sits right smack in the middle of the great migration.

    Sadly we missed being visited by literally thousands of wildebeast by just a couple of weeks, yet we still had an amazing time.

    The camp sits just outside the main gate of the Serengeti National Park. So your chances of seeing major game such as lion, leopard, elephant etc are pretty much zero. But that should not deter you, Mapito is the only park that allows for night game drives, so you will be iven the opportunity to spot some creatures that you might otherwise miss such as genet, serval, bushbaby etc etc. And there is still plenty of giraffe, zebra etc to keep you entertained.

    The accomodations are total luxury and for the price on of the best you will find in the entire country.

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