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Aug 06, 2012 - Aug 24, 2012

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Hi everybody.
I would like to go in Tanzania in the middle of august (2 weeks).
My plans atrer for 8 days in tour and 7 days in one island.
Can anyone suggest me the tour (with local travel agency) and the island (Zanzibar, Pemba or Mafia witrh resort)?

Thansk in advance

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Can anyone give me advbices about northern tour or southern tour in Tanzania?

Thanks in advance

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    • Renson Maro commented on this list

      hello welcome am able arrange

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    • DungBeetle Tours commented on this list

      Hi Marco

      please advise if you planing as a single person traveling or your in group? as middle of august is currently fully booked in serengeti as most of people has been booked because of migrations in serengeti.. however you can give us a date and we will foward skeleton itinerary and advise the way foward how you will like it

      the skeleton will include 15days

      8days in tarangire,manayara.ngorongoro, serengeti and fly to zanzibar for 6nights

      please check out our website

      for more info email us



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    • KatherineAlex commented on this list

      I vote Zanzibar! But be prepared as its a very strict religious island.

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    • Summer Wilms recommended Zanzibar Spice Tour
      This is such an interesting tour - I highly recommend it. I had no idea what pepper looks like before it's sitting in my spice cabinet or how vanilla grows until I went to the spice plantations. In ... read more
      addition to learning a great deal about things we use every day, you get to taste spices in their raw form, sip exotic tea, and sample some unusual fruit. Usually it is combined with the Stone Town city tour which is wonderfully informative and a great introduction to this hard-to-navigate city.
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      Marco Pelli thanked Summer Wilms for this recommendation.
      Summer Wilms

      Hey Marco! There are so many tour operators and such a range of tours you can take: budget or luxury, group or private, with focuses on culture or bird watching and more and more. My family and I had great luck with Cheli and Peacock in East Africa ( for a luxury safari. If you want something that is more budget, you may consider looking into an overland trip. ( or or I used to lead week-long trips that take you from Nairobi to attractions like Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti to Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar with one of those companies. People who ended their trip in Zanzibar could stay as long as they wanted after the rest of the group left.

    • Baxter Jackson recommended Stone Town
      The narrow, back alleyways of Stone Town of Zanzibar are filled with glimpses into the time of the Sultan, of his harem and of the dhows that still sail nearby, shadows casting themselves permanently ... read more
      onto the local psyche. If that's not enough for ya, then take into account that Sir Freddy Mercury (of Queen fame) was born here and thus a pilgrimage to Stone Town is absolutely essential for die hard Queen fans (kick back a couple of cold ones at Freddy's for the full effect).
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    • Baxter Jackson recommended Zanzibar
      Zanzibar is one of those rare places that is actually as exotic on the tongue as it is in real life. Spicy, sultry, tropical and seething of a bygone era of sultans and slaves, of missionaries and ... read more
      Allah under steamy African skies. Zanzibar's Stone Town, the jungles of the interior and sweeping sugary beaches all around are all begging for a Tin Tin style adventure.
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    • Ngorongoro CraterNgorongoro, Tanzania

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