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    • R & D Kitchen555 Newport Ctr Dr
      Luke Maffei recommended R & D Kitchen
      This is a new American restaurant with high end deli style selections. It's in the Fashion Island mall, which is neutral for me. (Actually I have found that most of the good food in Orange County is ... read more
      in shopping centers. Weird right?!) ..And it's all about the dip! The queso in their awesome Dip Duo is a MUST get every time I am in Orange County. I land at SNA already jonesing for it! Next up, a French Dip sandwich to die for. Classic rather then suggesting any real "R & D" (actually the name has never made sense to me), but so good! Besides that they offer pretty excellent service. Blair is the best! And don't pass on the $6 Bloody Mary. You're in Orange; you've probably paid $14 for a drink not half as good as this. Get this Bloody Mary, or the bitch herself might come out of your hotel mirror and cut your face up!
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      Luke Maffei

      Worth it!

    • Balboa Fun Zone600 East Bay Avenue, Newport Beach, CA 92661-1316
      Emon Tjokro recommended Balboa Fun Zone
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    • Balboa IslandBalboa Island, Newport Beach, CA
      Pro 2014
      Eduardo Sasso recommended Balboa Island
      Awesome little island to spend the afternoon walking around and exploring.
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    • Tin Lizzie Saloon752 Saint Clair Street, Costa Mesa, CA, United States
      Pro 2014
      Jason Flegel recommended Tin Lizzie Saloon
      A little camp, a little alternative, and a little plush. The Tin Lizzie Saloon is nothing to write home about for this San Francisco resident, but what it lacks in substance it makes up for in charm. ... read more
      A relatively small bar with a chill crowd and strong drinks. It's Orange County after all; I wasn't expecting all that much to begin with.
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      Jason Flegel

      If you're in the mood to head to the gay bar, gay bar, gay bar-- well, this is actually one of your only options in the area. It's not bad, but don't expect what you're used to in SF. Friendly people, though.

    • Anqi by Crustacean3333 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
      Pro 2014
      Jason Flegel recommended Anqi by Crustacean
      Don't be fooled by the fact that this restaurant is at the mall (oddly, this seems rather normal in Orange County). AnQi is a swanky noodle-house with a great bar and flavorful dishes. You'll be ... read more
      greeted by unique decor, ceilings twenty-feet high, and a really interesting layout. Your inner interior decorator will be thrilled. Personally, I love the giant candles. Either way you slice it, the real fusion that happens at this Asian-fusion restaurant is of the senses. The way your surroundings make you feel, combined with the feel-good cuisine equals a really great experience.Things not-to-miss:1) Absolutely order the pot-sticker appetizer. The plum reduction drizzled on top is tantamount to liquid-crack. 2) Order at least one order of An's Famous Garlic Noodles for the table. Throw calorie-count to the wind (Real Housewives of Orange County be damned!). The flavor will knock your socks off in a delightful sort of way. 3) Going on the right night will get you a piano-lounge type feel (owing to the hired piano-man playing in the corner!)Yes, it's a little pricey (that's why I only gave it 4 stars), but it's Orange County, after all.
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      Jason Flegel

      This is that restaurant-in-a-mall thing I was telling you about. The food is actually quite good, though and the space is really well designed.

    • Fairmont Newport Beach4500 MacArthur Boulevard, Newport Beach, CA 92660 (Formerly Sutton Place Hotel)