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    • Rila MonasterySofia, komplex "Iavorov" block 67, Sofia, Bulgaria
      Barbara Kossy recommended Rila Monastery
      Tucked into a hidden valley the elegant architecture of the monastery provides a great contrast to the rugged landscape that surrounds it. I especially liked the murals depicting sinners in hell and ... read more
      the beautifully painted exterior walls and arches. The monastery is about 2 hours outside of Sofia, depending on traffic. It can also be reached by bus.
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    • Boyana ChurchSofia Bulgaria
      Barbara Kossy recommended Boyana Church
      The Boyana Church is a precious small two-storey building, lovely on the outside and simply stupendous inside. A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979, it's initial construction was in the 10th ... read more
      century. The interior religious frescoes, first painted in the 11th century, are as compelling as those painted by Giotto. Washed with decay, abuse, and restoration, they tell a story of belief, and challenge. The layers of frescoes span the centuries. Of the 89 scenes, fhe most famous are the murals from 1259, which include "The Miracle at Sea" with a floundering ship, stressed sailors, and fabulous swirls depicting the boiling waters. Our tour guide was a focused and charismatic fellow who conjured the mystical powers of the sacred space for our small group. He was compelling, though some in the group thought he was a bit creepy. I think he's a great showman, kind of like the Wizard of Oz. Take advantage of his knowledge. Ask him anything and he'll give you the answer in excellent English.
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    • St. George Hotel64, Knyaz Boris I Str.
      Barbara Kossy recommended St. George Hotel
      This small hotel is located in a charming older building, recently renovated. It has about 20 rooms, including some non-smoking rooms, free wifi, as is just 3 minutes on foot from the National Palace ... read more
      of Culture. The room I had was very comfortable and plush compared to some of the other rooms I'd stayed in in Bulgaria. I regretted that I had only one night to spend there. There are lots of restaurants and even galleries nearby. The desk staff spoke perfect English and was very professional and helpful. I'd book again.
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    • Restaurant Aubergineul Karnegi, 11
      Barbara Kossy recommended Restaurant Aubergine
      Aubergine is in a lovely renovated home, an easy walk from the National Palace of Culture. It's a warm place and a welcome contrast from the open public spaces nearby. The menu was full of ... read more
      well-prepared Bulgarian classics, the wine list was excellent, and service attentive and friendly. This is a new restaurant and I hope it does well. I think with the great food, service, and location, it should thrive.
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    • Hilton SofiaBoulevard "Ruski", Sofia, Bulgaria
      Pro 2014
      Leigh Virkus recommended Hilton Sofia
      Great location, very nice room and friendly staff. They will even pick you up at the airport for free if you are at gold status with Hilton. The location is at the edge of the main area of Sofia but ... read more
      an easy walk to most everything. There is also a modern mall just behind the hotel.
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      Leigh Virkus

      We enjoyed our stay here even though it is on the fringe of the downtown area. Just walking around Sofia is a great way to see the city. They have a great breakfast if you can get it included in the price.

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