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  • 81
    3.92 mi

    Rustic Canyon Wine Bar

    3.92 mi from Marina Del Rey pier

    Fresh, tasty and thoughtful dishes uniquely plated. Many small plate options make it easy to try and share a variety of things. Warm, knowledgeable staff in casual environment. Terrific overall experience.

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  • 82
    4.14 mi

    Bru's Wiffle - A Waffle Joint

    4.14 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    10 reviews

    This has to be one of the best spots in Los Angeles for chicken and waffles. The chicken is juicy and tender the waffle is light and fluffy. A wonderful mix of sweet and savory.

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  • 83
    4.95 mi

    John O'Groats

    4.95 mi from Marina Del Rey pier

    BEST. BRUNCH. EVER. I took my Danish friend here, and he practically ate the entire restaurant. They have lunch and dinner as well, but the best of the best at John O'Groats is their breakfast/brunch menu. Yummy omelets, pancakes, and (this is L.A. so obviously there's gotta be some delicious Mexican influence) amazing Huevos'O Groats. It's a tortilla made from ...

  • 84
    4.21 mi

    Hurry Curry of Tokyo

    4.21 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    13 reviews

    Super delicious and they have really great service. I also love that there is a parking lot below so its easy to find parking.

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  • 85
    1.11 mi

    James' Beach

    1.11 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    11 reviews

    Great bar and restaurant in Venice. Lots of different areas for seating, indoor and a psuedo outdoor patio as well. Parking can be a pain here - opt for the valet!

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  • 86
    1.8 mi

    Cafe Gratitude Venice

    1.8 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    8 reviews

    Vegan and organic. Delicious and healthy!

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  • 87
    4.26 mi

    Sushi Stop

    4.26 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    13 reviews

    If you are looking for quick and cheap sushi, this is the perfect place! They do have bowls for 2.75 too. Not bad for a quick sushi place. This place can get really crowded though. It's cash only. They have an ATM, but it's better not to pay the fee!

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  • 88
    2.02 mi

    Chaya Venice

    2.02 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    8 reviews

    Navy St Los Angeles, Ca 90291

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  • 89
    4.26 mi

    Nong la

    4.26 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    9 reviews

    Clean, slightly quick food. There was surprisingly a bit of a wait for this small place. The pho broth was sweet and clean. The end.

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  • 90
    4.3 mi

    Tofu Ya

    4.3 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    12 reviews

    Good taste and great prices. It is very crowded but worth the wait. The seafood had a good number of clams, and the pork had a decent amt of meat and a great deal of tofu.

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  • 91
    1.68 mi

    Baby Blues Bar-B-Q

    1.68 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    13 reviews

    Vegetarian? HA! This is Meat Central. Delicious, smoked, basted, fall-off-the-bone rib meat. Sure, you could go "vegetarian" and get a combination of their sides, but if it's for moral purposes you swing in that particular culinary direction, I'd steer clear (do you see what I did there?). It's not the BEST BBQ I've ever had. The cornbread, too, could be ...

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  • 92
    3.04 mi

    Ramen Yamadaya

    3.04 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    9 reviews

    Great service. Pretty good ramen. Great appetizers. If you bring a student ID, they will give you 2 times the servings of the noodles. So you get a pretty amazing amount of food for the price.

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  • 93
    4.55 mi

    California Roll Factory

    4.55 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    9 reviews

    Men like sushi the same way they like their women: cheap, tasty, and not fishy Okay, that sounds a little bit wrong XD. So the reviews were consistently saying "cheap" and "tasty." So I decided to try this place out for lunch. I ordered the bento box over the phone which includes chicken teriyaki, rice, salad, 4 pieces of tuna ...

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  • 94
    4.89 mi

    Royal-T Cafe

    4.89 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    8 reviews

    The food's surprisingly good for a "maid cafe." I've been to a maid cafe in Tokyo and their food was nowhere near this good. Prices are decent too. The really cool part of Royal-T is the art installations, which changes quite often and is always a treat to see when you're dining here.

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  • 95
    4.8 mi

    California Chicken Cafe

    4.8 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    10 reviews

    If CCC was just a litttttleeee closer to Westwood village, I would be coming here all the time. Now that I'm thinking about it, I didn't even try the chicken... I tried the three combo meal with veggie soup, butternut squash puree, and chinese chicken salad. The soup was hearty and warm and the chinese chicken salad was light and ...

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  • 96
    1.13 mi

    Abbot's Pizza Co - Venice Food Delivery

    1.13 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    9 reviews

    My favorite place by the beach to pick up a cheap slice of pizza. The bagel crust is yum, and the toppings run the gamut from vegan / veggie to full-on carnivore.

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  • 97
    1.3 mi

    Jin Patisserie

    1.3 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    9 reviews

    Check out this cute little place and their unique Asian (jp) + French fusion bakery. Although it's a bit on the pricey side they probably have some of the best French Macarons I've had since Aix en Provence, FR. Also try the various cakes ... I'd recommend the Spring Bouquet and the Chocolate Mousse. Both excellent choices.

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  • 98
    1.89 mi

    The Rose Cafe & Market

    1.89 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    8 reviews

    This place is pretty trendy and you may see a celeb here from time to time. Good place for a meeting or lunch, but be prepared to pay a little more than you would at your average cafe. There is plenty of parking around and the place if famously painted on the outside with beautiful roses.

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  • 99
    3.63 mi

    Blue Plate Oysterette

    3.63 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    7 reviews

    Cute spot in Santa Monica with very fresh seafood. The place is welcoming and warm. The oysters are, as expected, addicting! Good wine selection.

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  • 100
    4.51 mi

    The Apple Pan

    4.51 mi from Marina Del Rey pier
    9 reviews

    Smack dab in the middle of West LA you'll find The Apple Pan. (Plus it's on a major street served by bus lines, if you're taking public transportation.) They've been around for years, and the food is super cheap and delicious. Famous for their apple pie (hence the name), they also have great hamburgers.

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