Marriott Long Beach

4700 Airport Plaza Dr, Long Beach, CA 90815
6 reviews

This is a nice property if you plan to stay in Long Beach for a Catalina Island trip, etc. Long Beach has a few attractions, and they are all walking distance from this hotel. I had a nice stay here, and would recommend it to others. A nice, clean hotel with a nice breakfast/brunch.

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    0.8 mi


    0.8 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    1 review

    This Starbucks has a drive thru, decent inside seating, and a patio. Works for me!

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    3.9 mi

    Roscoe's House Of Chicken & Waffles

    3.9 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    16 reviews

    THOSE WAFFLES. They must be 80% butter, 20% waffle. And I say that with absolutely no complaints. The chicken is amazing, too, but man, I dream about Roscoe's waffles! Bring your best table manners, or else the mamas will lecture you.

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  • 3
    3.54 mi

    Open Sesame

    3.54 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    7 reviews

    Authentic as it gets for Middle Eastern food. I grew up in Saudi Arabia and this place reminds me of the food we used to eat outside the compound in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in Khobar. The fried potatoes are very good here. I love the chicken shawarma dish. The hummus is legit here too. It's a great date spot, but ...

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    4.29 mi

    George's Greek Cafe

    4.29 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    7 reviews

    I've been a few times. This place is one of the better options to eat at in downtown LB. They have a great variety of authentic Greek food and can also accommodate large groups quite easily with family style serving. They also provide some light entertainment with belly dancers.

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  • 5
    2.89 mi

    Hole Mole

    2.89 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    6 reviews

    Taco Tuesdays are awesome here! Al pastor and potato tacos for only $1 each! As a San Diegan, I will always feel like these are inferior to the ones closer to the border, but while I lived in LB I enjoyed dropping in for some cheap Mexican grub.

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  • 6
    4.28 mi

    La Creperie Café

    4.28 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    6 reviews

    Pretty good place to come if you're in the mood for crepes! They've got a selection of savory and sweet and I opted for one of each! The savory ones are drenched in cheese, so if you're not into that, you might want to try something else (like a sandwich). It was rich and flavorful, but I couldn't eat more ...

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  • 7
    4.7 mi

    Parker's Lighthouse

    4.7 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    5 reviews

    By the shore! Food: + Rock Oysters (3) - oh it was delicious though expensive + Clam Linguine - it was enough to feed two people! He still suggested me to choose an entree so we can share both. + Mahi Mahi - that is what he got. Fish was still juicy after it was grilled. Drinks + Samuel Adams ...

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  • 8
    3.49 mi

    Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ

    3.49 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    5 reviews

    Lucille's is a great restaurant, especially for ribs!

  • 9
    1.37 mi

    Deli News

    1.37 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    4 reviews

    I love this place. It's a family owned restaurant. The husband and wife team who work here treat you like family when you come in. It's a great lunch spot that serves the local community. They have $5.00 medium pizzas and daily pasta specials. I suggest calling your order ahead of time and make sure you have cash. This is ...

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  • 10
    4.45 mi

    Beard Papas

    4.45 mi from Marriott Long Beach

    So many options! In addition to all of the cream puff options, there are also lots of flavors for the fillings. The cream flavors vary from day to day. Chocolate filled chocolate cream puff? They've got it! Really sweet employee when we were there, lots of parking in the shopping center lot, and drinks to compliments to sweets.

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  • 11
    1.94 mi

    Hole Mole

    1.94 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    4 reviews

    Best fish tacos!!! I love where this shop is located at. In the narrow streets of 4th street in between businesses and residential areas. Taco Tuesday!!! $1.00 tacos all day! Fish, Carne asada, carnitas! They have a salsa bar that's filled with 4 different kinds of salsa. Tostada Ceviche, was SO good!! Sour enough that I don't have to add ...

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  • 12
    3.48 mi

    La Creperie Cafe

    3.48 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    5 reviews

    The creep has a crepe at La Creperie Cafe *ACHTUNG ACHTUNG* Date Spot Alert! Date Spot Alert! That's just what La Creperie Cafe is - a perfect date spot, whether it be with your friends, significant other or potential significant other ;p We had a nice lunch nearby, deciding upon a postmeal stroll down 2nd St. to check out the ...

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  • 13
    4.3 mi

    El Rocoto Restaurant

    4.3 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    3 reviews

    The food is great and so are the cocktails. I would recommend the lomo saltado and the tallarin verde for food, and the passion pisco cocktail for alcoholic drinks. A pitcher of passion fruit juice is $11 and will fill up 6 cups. The service was a little lacking, but you just gotta grab their attention because it gets pretty ...

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  • 14
    2.87 mi

    George's Greek Cafe - Lakewood

    2.87 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    4 reviews

    Great greek food, great Sunday brunch, and even a patio! Friendly service and great vegetarian options too! Lots of parking (in the parking lot at Lakewood Mall).

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  • 15
    4.57 mi

    Tequila Jack's

    4.57 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    3 reviews

    great HH drink prices. This part of LB near the water is great. Food Tried: Chicken/Beef tacos - both were good. Shrimp ceviche - fresh shrimp. loved it Taquitos - average Guacamole - good stuff. great with everything Drinks: Margarita - 3.95, tasty and great size. Service: Great, friendly, attentive Parking: Large lot; Validation from Tequila Jack's

  • 16
    3.14 mi

    Portfolio Coffee House LLC

    3.14 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    3 reviews

    Neighborhood coffee spot that is a hangout for locals and Cal State Long Beach students. Coffee drinks are excellent. They have a variety of pastries made from a local bakery. The food is okay... salads and paninis mostly. Have never had a panini but the salads are lacking.

  • 17
    3.45 mi

    Hole Mole

    3.45 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    3 reviews

    A GREAT CHEAP EAT place for everyone especially if you're on a tight budget & a starving student..try any of their other locations to see which that you're nearest to. =) A definite gotta try! ;)

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  • 18
    3.32 mi

    The Potholder Cafe

    3.32 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    3 reviews

    Forget having a Bloody Mary to cure your hangover; nothing caps an awesome night than having a hangover breakfast at The Pot Holder Cafe. Breakfast is the signature of what the rest of your day is going to be like. Too much can bog you down and too little can leave you anxious, but when the combination is perfect, it ...

  • 19
    4.61 mi

    Vegi Wokery

    4.61 mi from Marriott Long Beach

    I'm not a vegetarian, far from it. But the food here is good, good enough to satisfy this carnivore. My wife told me to get food here. I reminded her that she only liked one item here the last time I got food here. She started her diet this week and she said to try them again. It's been almost ...

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  • 20
    3.45 mi

    Frosted Cupcakery

    3.45 mi from Marriott Long Beach
    4 reviews

    I'm so impressed with their cupcakes. I'm normally not a huge cupcake fan bc I don't like the "oil-yness", or the heaviness from frosting, or it might be "dry or crumbly", or the taste of "artificial flavors." Well, I have found one of the best cupcakes I've ever had! * MOIST, MOIST, MOIST * Natural flavor! * The name of ...

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