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Going to Warsaw for business in a few weeks - looking for good restaurants in central part of town, any advice?

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    • Gospoda Pod KogutemRakowiecka 43A, Warsaw, Poland
      Pro 2014
      Stephen Bugno recommended Gospoda Pod Kogutem
      Although relatively on the main tourist drag, Gospoda Pod Kogutem, was solicited only by Poles while I visited. Nice restaurant/pub atmosphere and great Polish food. Try some traditional Zurek soup in ... read more
      a rye bread bowl, a plate of pierogi and a couple local beers and you can't go wrong.
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      Stephen Bugno

      Nice pub restaurant to try good Polish food and beer. Located in the old historic center.

    • Pro 2014
      Stephen Bugno recommended Bar Mleczny Pod Barbakanem (Milk Bar at the Barbican)
      This is a typical Polish Milk Bar--cafeteria-style eatery where you're dished up traditional Polish favorite by old women in aprons. Interior decor hasn't change in decades. Great place to try cheap ... read more
      Polish food and enjoy the vintage ambiance.
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      Marshall Matheson thanked Stephen Bugno for this recommendation.
      Stephen Bugno

      for cheap Polish food and old-time atmosphere try this (or any other) Milk Bar.

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