Ma's Restaurant

1715 Lundy Ave, San Jose, CA 95131
2 reviews

Ma's restaurant has been around forever but somehow managed to stay off my radar for the longest time. I am surprised such a good restaurant didn't receive more attention. It had been a really long time since I had such good Chinese food in the bay area. I was very impressed with their food and service. If I have to ...

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    0.98 mi

    Whispers Cafe & Creperie

    0.98 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    1 review

    Norwegian benediction was delicious! Huge platter with the eggs benedict came loaded with roasted potatoes and a salad to make this a very balanced meal. Yummy!

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    0.64 mi

    City Sports

    0.64 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    1 review

    One of the cleanest gyms on the Bay Area. The gym offers a myriad of classes, ranging from Kickboxing to Zumba to Spin Cycling. Also offers personal training to lose that fat and live a healthier lifestyle!

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    0.79 mi

    San Jose Muni

    0.79 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    1 review

    I always drive by this place and I thought to myself.. I'll go there next time. Next time is now and there I was trying very hard not to show off in front of her. Not that I have a lot of skill or anything but I had to try to not try so hard, if that makes sense. But ...

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    4.23 mi

    Children's Discovery Museum

    4.23 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    22 reviews

    I used to love this museum as a kid. It's a little more hands-on than the Tech Museum and there's so much fun science and the like to be had there. If you haven't been, wander around the park outside for a while to find the giant Monopoly board. At some point, it held a record for being the largest ...

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  • 5
    3.88 mi

    SAP Center

    3.88 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    22 reviews

    This venue locally referred to as the "Shark Tank" is the home of the San Jose Sharks NHL team. I used to score free tickets from vendors and my employer so I frequented the Sharks games quite a bit when I was younger. Gosh, writing this review is making me jealous that such perks are no longer available.

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  • 6
    4.52 mi

    Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

    4.52 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    21 reviews

    Nice small park for young kids. They have lot's of activities, a small zoo, amusement park and some nice picnic area. the only problem is that it's a place you can come only when the weather is nice because everything is outdoor. The price (12$ for adults) is more than reasonable and kids under the age of 2 are free.

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  • 7
    3.89 mi

    The Tech Museum

    3.89 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    16 reviews

    Futuristic, fantastic, fun. Right downtown. And they have a terrific gift shop with geeky cool toys for all ages.

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  • 8
    4.46 mi

    San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

    4.46 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    11 reviews

    Roses, roses, roses. If you're into that, then this is the spot for you.

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  • 9
    4.01 mi


    4.01 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    10 reviews

    Hands down, the best craft cocktails made in Downtown San Jose - something the south bay has definitely been lacking. For the cocktails and the welcoming staff, I give them 4 stars. BUT with that said, I have some gripes... I'm definitely a fan of the speakeasy cocktail lounges, which singlebarrel tries to be. They try to make it cute ...

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  • 10
    3.55 mi

    San Pedro Square Market

    3.55 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    13 reviews

    great place to hang out. a variety of food and drinks that everyone can enjoy. the music they have is especially good!

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  • 11
    2.01 mi

    Great Mall

    2.01 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    15 reviews

    The only reason I'm giving this place 3 stars is because of Coldstone, DnB, the movie theater....and Cinnabon. Oh, and you can't forget that if you walk it - you get a good mile under your belt for physical exercise. ;D Otherwise everything here is kind of too "ghetto." The people who shop here included but that's alright sometimes. I ...

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  • 12
    3.84 mi

    Christmas In the Park

    3.84 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    13 reviews

    As an Adult, I tend to agree that for seeing Christmas in the Park, once is probably enough. It's also quite a schlep down here from the East Bay. And this Iowa Boy would prefer that there be snow, freezing temperatures, and a biting wind to really make this exhibit more authentic. I personally like watching various families watching the ...

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    3.94 mi

    Single Barrel

    3.94 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    7 reviews

    This place will take you back in to the Prohibition Era. A few questions will be asked and the bartenders will make you a drink to your liking. It's a great place for a drink ...... But I can't tell you where it's at. :-)

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    3.6 mi

    San José State University

    3.6 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    10 reviews


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  • 15
    3.62 mi

    Improv Comedy Club

    3.62 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    10 reviews

    We saw John Whitherspoons he was hilarious!!! I love the improv it's big enough yet intimate enough!

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  • 16
    3.97 mi

    Santa Clara University

    3.97 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    7 reviews

    I have visited the campus several times and it is always shocking on how nice it is. They have a great swimming/ water polo facility. If you havent been there, its worth a look

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  • 17
    4.9 mi

    Sharks Ice at San Jose

    4.9 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    8 reviews

    Had a lot of fun. Hockey playoffs... nice.

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  • 18
    3.95 mi

    California Theatre

    3.95 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    6 reviews

    I watched Wicked at Orpheum Theatre a week ago and I thought to myself... if only there's such a theater in South Bay.... A week later I went to California Theatre the first time for Cinequest Opening Night. How could I not even noticed this beautiful place before? Maybe I was too preoccupied. Maybe I was too distracted. I love ...

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  • 19
    3.74 mi

    San Jose Museum of Art

    3.74 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    11 reviews

    San Jose Museum of Art is a local museum at the down town. It is small but precious. Great place for contemporary art lovers

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  • 20
    4.17 mi

    Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum & Planetarium

    4.17 mi from Ma's Restaurant
    6 reviews

    This is one cool place to experience Egypt when visiting Egypt is not readily possible. Normally when almost every exhibit in a musuem is a replica, it is not so cool. But, when the museum contains replicas of Egyptian collections from all over the world's famous museums, it has brought Egyptian history together...all in one one collective, now THAT ...

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