Matsumoto Shave Ice

66-087 Kamehameha Highway, Haleiwa, HI
39 reviews

This is a must-stop if you're in the North Shore! I usually order the passion fruit with condensed milk shave ice, but everything is pretty good. The azuki beans are always nice to add for a sweeter bite. The store even sells souvenirs like T-shirts, keychains, etc. It's fun to browse through while you're waiting for your shave ice because ...

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    0.01 mi

    Matsumoto Shave Ice

    0.01 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    2 reviews
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    0.01 mi

    Artis Family

    0.01 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    1 review

    How do I even begin to explain... Up on the North Shore of Oahu I came across one of the most unique things I have ever seen. I approached a house with hand painted surf boards and as I stepped inside the entrance I was transported to an entirely different world! Inside the artist family was set up to put ...

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    0.09 mi

    Ron Artis Family

    0.09 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    1 review

    No visit to Haleiwa would be complete without a visit to the Ron Artis Family. Ron Artis was a very talented, renaissance man. He left Los Angeles and raised a family here in sleepy, hippy, world famous surfer town Haleiwa about 20 years ago. He and his wife Victoria now have 11 children, ranging in age from toddler to 27 ...

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    0.05 mi

    Liliuokalani Protestant Church

    0.05 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    1 review
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    0.11 mi

    North Shore Surf Girls Surf School

    0.11 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    1 review

    The Surf Girls were very patient instructors working with my nieces (age 11 and 12), my nephew (age 9) and my brother (age 40), and succeeded on getting everyone up and surfing! They had a great time...

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  • 6
    0.37 mi

    Haleiwa Ali'i Beach Park

    0.37 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    18 reviews

    One of my favorite places to watch these beautiful creatures !!! The honu also known as turtle; located in thr little town of Haleiwa this spot bringd numerous tourist to witness not just the landscape but the inhabitants who beach themselves on shore to enjoy the evening basking in the remaining sunset. They will be one, two or a couple ...

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  • 7
    0.71 mi

    North Shore Shark Adventures

    0.71 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    9 reviews

    I think it was worth trying. A friend was visting and wanted to go, so I thought hey why not. It was cool seeing sharks up close and you were totally safe. I am not really into snorkeling or diving and at times was kind of bored. But if you like stuff like that I think you would have a ...

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    0.54 mi

    Haleiwa Beach Park

    0.54 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    5 reviews

    As long as one goes beyond the park entrance and into the area with trees, a little bit of walking will get one to several secluded beach areas, which generally do not have that many people there. Save a few aviation sounds, I heard nothing but waves.

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  • 9
    0.4 mi

    Aloha General Store

    0.4 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    4 reviews

    One of the many things Hawaii is well known for is its HAWAIIAN SHAVED ICE. What many people from the mainland and vacationers from around the world don't realize is the shaved ice here in Hawaii is like no other on Earth and you can only get it here because of the Machines used to make it. These blocked shaved ...

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  • 10
    0.54 mi

    North Shore Marketplace Shopping Center

    0.54 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    2 reviews

    this market place has a bit of everything you might need

  • 11
    0.96 mi

    James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge

    0.96 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    2 reviews

    Located in a scenic part of the North Shore, the James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge is one of Oahu's best examples of sustainable tourism. Though comparatively not that popular of an attraction, this expansive naturally protected area is home to endangered species of birds that thrive in spite of having tours proceed in their habitat during non-nesting months. Sustainable eco-tourism ...

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  • 12
    0.81 mi

    Pua'ena Point

    0.81 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    1 review

    A nice little hidden area for surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, and beach bumming. It's has a nice shallow area for beginners to swim and paddle board. You'll see many surfers further out in the ocean. There's parking lot and a restroom facility with showers.

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  • 13
    0.5 mi

    Haleiwa Arts Festival

    0.5 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    1 review

    Great place to buy local Arts , too bad is just ones a year .

  • 14
    0.71 mi

    Kaunala Hiking Trail

    0.71 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    1 review
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  • 15
    0.35 mi

    Wyland Galleries

    0.35 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    1 review

    While this place has always been out of my price range, I do like to check-in whenever I am in Haleiwa. A great medley of artists, with a great talent for capturing the essence of life on the beautiful isles.

  • 16
    0.32 mi

    Oceans in Glass

    0.32 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    1 review

    This is a great place to watch, learn and purchase glass sculptures in the laid back surfer and hippy town of Haleiwa on the north shore of Oahu. You can watch the glass craftsman through the window blowing heat on glass and crafting a new Hawaii inspired decorative art piece, beautifully made and magically designed, most sitting on polished driftwood ...

  • 17
    0.75 mi

    kaiaka bay beach park

    0.75 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    1 review

    This large park area is on the southern end of Haleiwa and there were very few people there. It does offer some of the best views of the main mountain range. There are large open areas, but not that much shade.

  • 18
    0.47 mi

    Sunset Suratt Surf School

    0.47 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    1 review

    A great little beginner spot to learn to surf. Less crowded than the east side of the island, and plenty of places like this one to rent boards and have a fun day out.

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  • 19
    0.34 mi

    Sunset Suzy's Surf School

    0.34 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    1 review
  • 20
    4.34 mi

    Waimea Bay Beach Park

    4.34 mi from Matsumoto Shave Ice
    54 reviews

    Waimea is one of the most mythical places in Oahu specially if you'r a surfer. When the surf is high head to Waimea to see how beautiful and powerful the nature can be. And if you'r brave enough you can also paddle out a try to catch a 20ft wave. ;-)

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