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    • Wat Suan DokOn Suthep Road, Suthep 50200 Thailand
      Evan Roth-Howe recommended Wat Suan Dok
      This place organizes free Bhuddist meditation retreats outside Chiang Mai. Even if that's not your scene typically, it's a great way to experience how a chunk of the Thai population lives. You'll wake ... read more
      up really early for meditation, but you also get to spend 24 hours in baggy white clothes/pajamas that the temple provides, eat simple but free meals, and learn a lot about serenity beyond the stereotypical lotus position.
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      Evan Roth-Howe

      No yoga, but certainly plenty of wellness.

    • Pro 2014
      Julia P commented on this list

      Hey Max, I've not been but my own teacher recommends both the Sanctuary and Shambhala. This is her guide to yoga retreats around the world - both are there. Hope that's helpful!

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