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May 12, 2012 - May 26, 2012

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    • El Morro501 Calle Norzagaray, San Juan Antiguo, PR 00901
      Sveta Berlyant recommended El Morro
      try to find unique triangle steps there. :)! Free trolley service between two Forts
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      Shambhavi Shukla Tripathi recommended El Morro
      The fort gives some of the most beautiful views of land and water. If I am not exaggerating, I would say its 'photographic' !!! perfect sculpture.. anyone of any age will like it..
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    • Fort San CristobalNorzagaray Street, San Juan Antiguo, PR 00901
      Sveta Berlyant recommended Fort San Cristobal
      Smart construction, perfect view. use free Trolley service from the center
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    • Ramona Flume recommended Old San Juan
      The historic colonial district of Puerto Rico is an absolute must-see for anyone who is interested in discovering the rich history of the colorful Caribbean island. Visitors will find worn cobblestone ... read more
      streets, opulent missions (most likely ringing with wedding bells if you're visiting during the weekend), great shopping (both local crafts and high end designer boutiques) and quirky attractions like the Pigeon Park, where you can buy a bag of bird seed and let the city birds flock to you like the crazy lady in Home Alone 2.
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      Shambhavi Shukla Tripathi recommended Old San Juan
      The area is a walk over which is must see for any PR visit I felt. I Have visited the country form south to north to east and loved this place the most! The architechture, the small small roads of ... read more
      stones, the small retailers shops, the food, everythign is awesome out here!! I would recommend keep a handsome time to spend here..
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      Shambhavi Shukla Tripathi

      You must watch this place!! I am sure you'll love knowing a new world..

    • Cruceta El VigíaPso De La Cruceta, Ponce, Puerto Rico
      Shambhavi Shukla Tripathi recommended Cruceta El Vigía
      spectacular views..
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    • Paseo Tablado La GuanchaPlaya de Ponce, Area de muelles, Ponce, 00731, Puerto Rico
      Shambhavi Shukla Tripathi recommended Paseo Tablado La Guancha
      nice place to hang out..
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    • Serrale CastleSan Juan Island
      Shambhavi Shukla Tripathi recommended Serrale Castle
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    • Cathedral of Our Lady of GuadalupeCll Unión, Ponce, Puerto Rico
      Shambhavi Shukla Tripathi recommended Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe
      wonderful sculpture!
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    • Parque de Bombas Plaza de las Delicias 00716 Ponce Puerto Rico
      Shambhavi Shukla Tripathi recommended Parque de Bombas
      One of the oldest fire stations of the land. All in black n red.. located at the centre/downtown of Ponce.
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    • Bacardi Rum FactoryCataño, Puerto Rico
      Pro 2014
      Mel S Wong recommended Bacardi Rum Factory
      Fan of the rum or not, when in Rome, do what the Romans do, when in the Caribbean, drink rum...or at least visit the factory. The Bacardi grounds is gorgeous and the end of tour rum tastings occurs ... read more
      outdoors in a massive open air tent-like structure. There are so many flavors to choose from or the barista could concoct something especially for you. The tour was informative and engaging. Although it didn't turn me into a rum drinker, it was a fun time see how it is made.
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      Mel S Wong

      The tour is free, and the ferry from old San Juan is only 15 minutes and costs less then $5/pp round trip. The taxi from the ferry to the factory on the other side is about $10 round trip (but haggle!). it is so easy to get here from San Juan there really is no need to join an organized tour to get here. Cheers!

    • Pro 2014
      Mel S Wong recommended Bioluminescent Bay
      There are only a handful of places in the world that has this nature phenomenon where microscopic planktons in warm water illuminates when agitated. So kayaking in one of these amazing bodies of water ... read more
      comes into play and is a must do when in Puerto Rico. What an incredible experience in kayak in almost darkness but with each stroke of the paddle, the waters around you sparkles. An occasional fish would swim by and you can see a trail of sparklies in the water. No real kayaking skill is necessary, just a sense of adventure. The bay is shallow and the water is warm but the experience is memorable and just plain amazing. I have a feeling the glowing forest in the movie Avatar took cues from these amazing glow in the dark micro organisms.
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      Mel S Wong

      In addition to this one in Vieques Island, there are two other locations right near San Juan (within 1 hours drive in Fajardo) that offer kayak tours in the Bio Bays there. This is one must do activity in PR. We could no longer swim in the bays but we could dip our hands into the water and see our hands glow and sparkle! Have a fun time in PR!

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