Mendocino Farms

Suite B, 175 South Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, United States
6 reviews

Wow, really good sandwiches. My wife surprised me by driving here and not telling me where we were going. A surprise for the yelp guy? And it's food, YES. Boy was I happy she choose this place. Across from the L A Farmers Market, it's a busy little place. The procedure: As you come in, you get in line by ...

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    0.09 mi

    Farmers Market

    0.09 mi from Mendocino Farms
    51 reviews

    Opened in 1934, during the Great Depression, this is Los Angeles's original Farmers Market. It began when San Fernando Valley farmers, lacking middlemen for their produce, were given an opportunity to rent stall space on idle land in the Fairfax area in order to sell their produce directly to consumers. As part of a 1941 expansion and reconstruction project the ...

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  • 2
    0.03 mi

    Writers Guild of America

    0.03 mi from Mendocino Farms
    2 reviews

    Came here to see a movie but it looks like a regular office and it is kinda lonely.

  • 3
    0.09 mi

    The Barber Shop Club

    0.09 mi from Mendocino Farms
    1 review

    Best barber shop in LA! Woody cuts like no other! Old time feel and service. No other shop even comes close!

  • 4
    0.08 mi

    Farmer's Market

    0.08 mi from Mendocino Farms
    1 review

    Alas, I didn't discover the Farmers' Market until AFTER I'd moved back to the Bay Area from Long Beach. I suppose if I'd known earlier, it would have added to my homework-avoiding time-wasters. When I did begin visiting, it was much more open with more food vendor stalls (before the Cost Plus and Grove additions). It was the place I ...

  • 5
    0.07 mi


    0.07 mi from Mendocino Farms
    2 reviews

    This is definitely not my favorite Zara location. For some reason I feel like none of the clothes on the first floor are that appealing, but that may be just me. Upstairs is much larger and has a bigger variety of clothing. They even have a childrens' section, and a mens' section. The clothes here are always super unorganized and ...

  • 6
    0.07 mi

    Littlejohn's Candies

    0.07 mi from Mendocino Farms
    1 review

    This is part of the famous LA Farmer's Market. They have some of the best chocolate and candy, from English Toffee to huge chocolate Easter Eggs in the spring. Don't miss this if you have a sweet tooth. You can watch the girls make the chocolate and candies like pralines through the glass window.

  • 7
    0.08 mi

    Three dog bakery

    0.08 mi from Mendocino Farms
    1 review

    Really cute dog bakery in the grove! If you bring your pup to the shop they will give her a treat!

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  • 8
    0.09 mi


    0.09 mi from Mendocino Farms
    1 review

    This place have everything from soup to nuts! Actually, mostly just nuts. BUT every kind you can imagine. If you like salty snacks and are heading to the GROVE or FARMER'S MARKET to go shopping... or see a film... stop in here and grab some mixed nuts to stash in your bag! : )

  • 9
    0.14 mi


    0.14 mi from Mendocino Farms
    1 review

    Not the best Kmart I've been to. It does have a couple of things going for it. It's next to a great Wholefoods, the Grove is right across the street and the parking is free. More than a few times we've taken advantage of the free parking to take our time at the Grove.

  • 10
    0.57 mi

    Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

    0.57 mi from Mendocino Farms
    100 reviews

    Great Place for outdoor entertainment and jazz performances! Only a 10 minute walk from your vacation rental! This is also the place where you can see the Chris Burden Light Exhibit that is so famous in many movies. A shame to miss if only a couple of minutes away by car.

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  • 11
    0.68 mi

    La Brea Tar Pits

    0.68 mi from Mendocino Farms
    48 reviews

    Come and see the prehistoric fossils stuck in the tar pits. Witness paleontologists working away. Enjoy the beautiful gardens and the museum.

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  • 12
    0.93 mi

    Beverly Center

    0.93 mi from Mendocino Farms
    42 reviews

    If you need to go shopping, and want a high-end mall experience, this is your spot. They have everything here, down to a vending machine that dispenses Beluga caviar. Be sure to bring plenty of cash/credit cards.

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  • 13
    0.4 mi


    0.4 mi from Mendocino Farms
    19 reviews

    $5 for a big ice cream macaron. I loved my salted caramel one, it was too sweet for some of my friends but it was perfect. I loved the texture of the macaron, and ice cream with every bite is just brilliant. It's a cute cafe where people go and have lunch or hang out. They had ice cream bars ...

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  • 14
    0.97 mi

    El Rey Theatre

    0.97 mi from Mendocino Farms
    11 reviews

    The El Rey is one of LA's most famous and consistant music venues. All manner of artists take the stage year round.

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  • 15
    0.88 mi


    0.88 mi from Mendocino Farms
    6 reviews

    I had a great time here, staff was friendly & nice. The comedians were funny & great! =) Great for the weekends, nice clean place for some laughs & great fun. ;)

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  • 16
    0.66 mi

    Ray's & Stark Bar

    0.66 mi from Mendocino Farms
    7 reviews

    one of the great recent additions to LA cultural life. ray's is a glass jewel box of a restaurant serving innovative food, stark bar is a great outdoor bar with a limited menu - both located on the grounds of LACMA (los angeles county museum of art). LACMA is open late fridays so you can have dinner and tour the ...

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  • 17
    0.96 mi

    Trashy Lingerie

    0.96 mi from Mendocino Farms
    6 reviews

    Home of the best, if admittedly slightly smutty, costumes and lingerie anywhere in the world. If you want a serious costume, pay the $2 membership fee and explore the magnificent handmade options in the back. Imitation versions of the couture costumes, which are made in China for Trashy Lingerie, are sold in the front of the store and are a ...

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  • 18
    0.68 mi

    Petersen Automotive Museum

    0.68 mi from Mendocino Farms
    9 reviews

    Pretty cool spot for cars lovers. They're themed exhibits are the main selling point.

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  • 19
    0.94 mi

    Largo at the Coronet

    0.94 mi from Mendocino Farms
    4 reviews

    Great place for comedy and live musical acts :)

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  • 20
    0.9 mi

    Saban Theatre

    0.9 mi from Mendocino Farms
    5 reviews

    I was recently here for the PaleyFest panel for Once Upon a Time. The venue is amazing in that Art Deco meets Old Hollywood style. The sound and acoustics are quite good. There were times when I could hear a slight echo. Parking can be found for $10 in the next building over on Wilshire and La Cienega. There's free ...

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