Mendocino Farms

4724 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA
11 reviews

+1 for free samples +1 for enthusiastic, accommodating employees +1 for portions +1 for taste +1 for variety _______________________ = 5 stars for Mendocino! I really enjoyed Mendocino! Every side, sandwich, and salad is created with a unique assortment of ingredients that surprisingly sync together in a delectable harmony that just cannot be replicated. There's too many options, so my ...

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    0.08 mi


    0.08 mi from Mendocino Farms
    5 reviews

    The Counter burgers are everything I want in a burger... juicy, with the toppings I want, AND with humanely raised, grass fed beef. Sweet! You won't be disappointed. I'm such a burger lover that I've rarely strayed, but they also offer turkey burgers and veggie patties for those so inclined. Their sides are pretty good too, but you will be ...

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    0.02 mi

    Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa | Marina Del Rey

    0.02 mi from Mendocino Farms
    3 reviews

    I liked the set menu. It was really easy to make decisions. The food, however, was not as I expected. Their reputation precedes them and I had imagined the sushi to be the best I've ever had. To my surprise, their rice was waaaaaaay too fluffy. The servers said that their rice is looser than usual. Looser is fine, but ...

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    0.98 mi

    Alejo Presto Trattoria

    0.98 mi from Mendocino Farms
    5 reviews

    This is a great Italian restaurant hidden on a corner strip center with a 7-11. Alejo's gives you a huge basket of bread with their amazing garlic olive oil dip. The food is always good at a reasonable price. I love the Alejo's pizza, which has shrimp and clams. This is a great place if you want a hole in ...

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    0.53 mi


    0.53 mi from Mendocino Farms
    4 reviews

    Wow Paiche will take Picca on a run for its money. Opened early April of this year, Paiche opened up in the heart of marina del Rey and offer some of the top Peruvian fusion tapas in LA. This is a sister Resturaunt of Picca and Mochica. Must try the waygu beef and UNi toast! Heaven! The yellowtail ceviche is ...

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    0.43 mi

    The Warehouse

    0.43 mi from Mendocino Farms
    5 reviews

    Nice decor, good service, good meal selection for branch

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  • 6
    0.41 mi

    Irori Japanese Restaurant

    0.41 mi from Mendocino Farms
    3 reviews

    #BeStuffed For sushi I love Irori in Marina Del Rey! Aili Nahas for

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    0.98 mi

    Sakura House

    0.98 mi from Mendocino Farms
    3 reviews

    The lines get LONG here, because the quality is good, and the portions are HUGE. order the salmon sushi, and munch away. Who said you couldn't get full of of sushi? Go during lunch, and nom down on their specials.

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  • 8
    0.65 mi

    Tony P's Dockside Grill

    0.65 mi from Mendocino Farms
    5 reviews

    I have been there twice. The salads and sandwiches are quite good. Dining in the covered patio overlooking the marina is really nice!

  • 9
    0.88 mi

    Ronnie's Diner

    0.88 mi from Mendocino Farms
    2 reviews

    My favorite brunch place. Cheap eats, healthy ingredients-- down to earth service. Order the Louisiana Royale- sausage, Spanish rice, eggs and all the goodness you can imagine. Fresh huevos rancheros, black beans, oj and coffee. What else could you ask for ? They're also open for dinner ! Closed from 2-5

  • 10
    0.85 mi

    Locanda Positano

    0.85 mi from Mendocino Farms
    2 reviews

    Small, quaint, romantic restaurant which serves delicious and authentic Italian cuisine. Perfect for a special occasion or date. Beware the prices on the dinner specials- the stuffed veal chop was absolutely superb, but had a price to match (over $40). The barolo which the waiter recommended as a pairing was also excellent. The parking lot is tiny, but there is ...

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    0.81 mi

    Brennan's Pub

    0.81 mi from Mendocino Farms
    4 reviews

    not bad, the turtle races are quite fun. you get fined for pointing, $10, $20, $50, for each offense. Reallyy they are donations for breast cancer awareness. Supposedly pointing scares the turtles.

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    0.97 mi


    0.97 mi from Mendocino Farms
    2 reviews

    Piknic is a great date spot or if you're just looking to chill at the bar, dine out on the patio area on a beautiful day, or have lunch with a friend. Either way, it works. We came here as sort of a late birthday celebration. A wall of water separates the dining area from the bar. We sat at ...

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    0.54 mi

    Shershah Exotic Cuisine of India

    0.54 mi from Mendocino Farms
    2 reviews

    My FAVORITE Indian joint in LA. Everywhere else is either overpriced (charging you for rice), or portions that would feed a supermodel. They have plenty of options here for the carnivore and vegetarian. Want to sample a little of everything ? Order the non vegetarian or vegetarian platter. You get a sampling of everything. Get the naan stuffed with onions ...

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    0.51 mi

    Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch

    0.51 mi from Mendocino Farms

    Incredible. Absolutely incredible food, and I've had almost the entire menu. This is the place where I first had, and then spent the rest of my life chasing after, sweet potato pie.

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    0.98 mi

    Fresh in the Box

    0.98 mi from Mendocino Farms
    2 reviews

    Wow super healthy sushi. There are brown rice, vegan and vegetarian options! The michi miso ramen is so delicious. The egg noodles are super chewy and the broth has no msg and added preservatives! They could work on the meat though! Other then that, yum!

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    0.44 mi

    Cafe Del Rey

    0.44 mi from Mendocino Farms
    2 reviews

    Nice place to eat on the marina a see the boats.

  • 17
    0.72 mi

    Shanghai Red's - Marina Del Rey

    0.72 mi from Mendocino Farms
    2 reviews

    Popular branch spot there

  • 18
    1.0 mi

    Gaby's Express

    1.0 mi from Mendocino Farms
    1 review
  • 19
    0.49 mi

    Panini Coffee & Cafe

    0.49 mi from Mendocino Farms
    1 review

    Yummy food, large variety for a cafe, their coffee is stellar, and the smoothies are good too.

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  • 20
    0.59 mi


    0.59 mi from Mendocino Farms

    No list is complete without a gratuitous mention to Pink Berry. Although Red Mango is the O.G., Pink Berry has popularized the fro-yo trend. It's all about the original flavor with sweet mochi ball toppings.

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