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Ori Zaltzman recommended Pampas Palo Alto
Pampas Palo Alto529 Alma St, Palo Alto, CA 94301
Amazing place for meat lovers
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JohnMichael recommended Espetus Churrascaria
Espetus Churrascaria710 S B St, San Mateo, CA 94401
Its funny, I was just here the other night. On top of which, I had always wanted to go to their original branch in SF but I could imagine that it is equally delicious. This place is off the main ... read more
street so there's ample parking. The space is wide and very open. They have their bar off to the right and main seating to the left of the hostess. And last I checked there was a back room for larger parties. Down the middle toward the back is the salad bar. Though I know nothing of the salad bar, I can vouch for the meat that is delicious. I'm not sure whether they do this everyday but during happy hour there was a plate of chicken and sausages. I hope they do that all the time. More importantly, their caipirinha is very refreshing. Hell, I had 3 of them. ;D Note- if you're particular about your what cachasa your caipirinha is made with leblon.
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xandra castleton commented on this question

Espetus is delicous. Haven't been to Pampas, but given the name it sounds more Argentinian (could be good, too).

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Allie Bollella recommended Palo Alto
Palo Alto is an a pretty cool college town with lots of stuff for young people to do, whether they're 21 or not. It's all about good food and shopping in Palo Alto Pampas is a great restaurant I've ... read more
taken family member to. After you can take a walk down University Ave. One of my favorite streets in Palo Alto, Lots of little shops and boutiques. One of my favorite places to hang out at night is Da Hookah Spot. They have great food, and especially good smoothies as well as a back room that is a hookah lounge. My favorite place to relax is watercourse way, you can get a hot tub room for about 25 dollars and hour! You have to check out Coupa Cafe while you're there. It has to be the best coffee shop in Palo Alto
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