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    Playa del Carmen

    148 reviews

    Your Caribbean Adventure starts now! Save Mayan Culture & discover Caribbeans by becoming Social Innovator in Playa del Carmen #Mexico Your mission? Impact positively the world! APPLY here:

  • 2


    26 reviews

    Its a beautyful city and shows more mexican life...not only tourism.

  • 3


    92 reviews

    While the rowdy crowds pack into Cancun and Cabo for spring break, those who would like a quieter Mexican vacation head to Tulum. This small town along the Riviera has all of the same white sand beaches and sparkling blue water as its more popular brothers, but with a considerably more laid back vibe. Plus, for those interested in spicing ...

  • 4

    Ciudad Juarez

    6 reviews

    It is a fun and safe place , with a lot of night life, outdoor activities.and lovely people

  • 5


    258 reviews

    Cancun is beautiful, is a tourist place full of resorts and clubs.

  • 6

    San Juan Teotihuacan

    11 reviews

    Teotihuacan is about an hour or so outside of Mexico City. This is the site of the massive ruins of the pre-Columbian period indigenous people of Mexico. The ruins are spectacular and fascinating to see, with the large scale city that used to be here. The pinnacle of these ruins are the two large pyramids built here. The Sun and ...

  • 7

    Chichen Itza

    68 reviews

    Chichen Itza is an amazing archaeological site, and one of the most popular in the Yucatan Peninsula. Declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1988 and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007, the ruins include impressive palaces, temples, and altars, as well as the largest-known ball court in the Maya world. Chichen Itza is ...

  • 8


    13 reviews

    Coba is an impressive archaeological site located just 45-minutes from Tulum by bus or car. It's known for it's complex system of 'sacbeob'--ancient roads--that criss-cross the thick forest that the site is in. It also is the home of the second tallest pyramid in the Maya world--an amazing structure and one of the few that visitors are still allowed to ...

  • 9


    24 reviews

    Mazatlan is an amazingly fun city! Rent jet skis to explore the ocean or explore the nightlife.

  • 10


    24 reviews

    'Once Upon a Time in Mexico' ain't the only reason to pop into ol' Guanajuato (unless you totally geek-out on Director Robert Rodriguez of course). Like a lot of Norte Americanos, I came here not for geeking-out but to study Spanish and found amor along the way (I highly recommend Instituto Falcon). A lively night life, fun co-eds and a ...

  • 11

    Puerto Escondido

    12 reviews

    I was planning on staying three days in Puerto Escondido. Ended up staying 10 (and I don't even surf, really). It's an awesome place to meet other travelers and if you're down to party, this is your town (although there are quieter, more family oriented sections of beach).

  • 12


    6 reviews

    I loved Cholula when we stayed there a few days. We hiked up to the catholic Church that was built on top of a pyramid (an "accident" they say). We hung out at a few bars, danced at a club and I took a ton of photos. Would love to return!

  • 13

    Ek' Balam

    3 reviews

    Ek' Balam is one of those special archaeological sites that somehow manage to stay just under the radar. Located just north of Valladolid, it's known for an artful and incredibly well-preserved stucco frieze that was discovered in the mid-1990s. The frieze itself is located two-thirds of the way up the main pyramid--in of itself, an impressive structure--and is part of ...

  • 14

    San Blas

    2 reviews

    Tubasenika Island is one of the Robinson Islands in San Blas. And while it is popular with backpackers, I've heard it's well worth making the effort to visit for beautiful beaches and laid-back island life. Looks like paradise!

  • 15


    3 reviews

    Ahhh Mexico. I went on a hike on the us side of the border up Tecate Peal.. It was amazing you could see over all of Tecate and off toward san diego. Lovely view with a little bit of trash here and there. After we went down into Mexico for some tacos and pastries. Food was good but keep in ...

  • 16


    15 reviews

    The state of Veracruz located in the south on the Caribbean side of Mexico is very unique and beautiful. Prepare for every different climate if traveling around the whole state. Boca Del Rio offers the beach, the party, and business center bringing in all different travellers

  • 17

    Isla Mujeres

    46 reviews

    I finally made it over to Isla Mujeres for a dive trip. The weather was amazing, the food was so fresh and the diving was not difficult but still interesting. The main town was a little much for me, but I truly loved the resorts a little further out. Also the exchange rate made meals here a steal!

  • 18

    Puerto Vallarta

    98 reviews

    Beautiful city on the Pacific coast. I was able to see the areas that cater to the tourists as well as venture into town. It's not a huge downtown area, but there is plenty of entertainment, shopping and the beach. There are some great resorts near by and the water is beautiful! I saw some sea life as well!

  • 19

    San Felipe

    6 reviews

    San Felipe is a located along the Sea of Cortez and makes you feel like you are somewhere tropical. Warm waters, great fresh seafood, shopping from the locals, cheap stays, good for fishing and you can rent ATV's. Small town but a lot of beach to explore.

  • 20


    40 reviews

    Well, Guadalajara is a huge city, too much to see, but don't miss the Cathedral, the Plaza of Mariachis, Tlaqupaque -a little artesanal town- in the outskirts of the city- there lots of things to see and food worth it, in el Parian, visit in every city you are the local mercados. Remember Mexico is very big, and most modern ...

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