Mile Wine Company

2113 Pacific Ave, Stockton, California
1 review
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  • 1
    0.01 mi


    0.01 mi from Mile Wine Company
    4 reviews

    Definitely one of my favorite sushi restaurants in Stockton. I'm a student at UOP and I love that it's right down the street! It's also really great that UOP students are allowed to use their Pacific Cash here! The place is really nice and presentable and has very modern, trendy decor. Service is excellent -- especially this one blond guy ...

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  • 2
    0.25 mi

    Mannys California Fresh Cafe

    0.25 mi from Mile Wine Company
    1 review
  • 3
    0.02 mi

    Gian's Delicatessen

    0.02 mi from Mile Wine Company
  • 4
    0.15 mi

    Centrale Restaurant & Lounge

    0.15 mi from Mile Wine Company
    1 review

    Food is always really on point, as well as their cocktails, and beer selection.

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  • 5
    0.54 mi

    Siamese Street Thai Restaurant

    0.54 mi from Mile Wine Company
    2 reviews

    OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK. Something that I've found is pretty rare amongst Stockton restaurants! Pad see ew is da bomb. I used to always order the chicken pad thai but after trying the pad see ew, it's become my new favorite and I highly recommend it! Pineapple fried rice is always really delicious :) Definitely worth getting as well! ...

  • 6
    0.87 mi

    China Village

    0.87 mi from Mile Wine Company
    1 review

    Chicken wings?? Yup. Eat-in here, take out is disappointing.

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  • 7
    3.04 mi

    Sho MI

    3.04 mi from Mile Wine Company
    3 reviews

    I thought it was a decent restaurant and thought there was nothing bad about it. It's just your standard local small sushi restaurant. I've only been here once, so I have yet to sample more of the menu. I got the chicken teriyaki bento box and I thought it was really good. The chicken teriyaki was delicious and had slices ...

  • 8
    3.05 mi

    Stockton Joe's

    3.05 mi from Mile Wine Company
    1 review

    Great food & service.. Truly a stockton staple for over 3 decades

  • 9
    1.53 mi

    Hacienda Sahuayo

    1.53 mi from Mile Wine Company
    1 review

    Possibly one of the best Mexican breakfasts is served here at the Hacienda Sahuayo. The breakfast offerings have many different choices and the food is delicious!! I cannot speak on authenticity, but I can speak on taste and value which are both great here! The interior is very cute and is set up like an interior courtyard of an hacienda.

  • 10
    2.05 mi

    Bayon Restaurant

    2.05 mi from Mile Wine Company
    1 review
  • 11
    2.55 mi

    Old Spaghetti Factory

    2.55 mi from Mile Wine Company
    1 review

    I like this restaurant since we brought our team to eat here two nights in a row! It was a group of about 20 people or so. The management was awesome, they accommodated us very well and the food was very good. I also like how they give you dessert with your entrees as part of the meal. I would ...

  • 12
    1.47 mi

    Genova Bakery

    1.47 mi from Mile Wine Company
    1 review
  • 13
    3.24 mi


    3.24 mi from Mile Wine Company
  • 14
    2.24 mi

    Boudin SF

    2.24 mi from Mile Wine Company
    1 review

    Yes, there is a Boudin's serving its famous clam chowder in sourdough bread bowl in Stockton, CA. Located in an upscale strip mall, this Boudin outlet is clean and bright complete with exhibition kitchen and awesome service.

  • 15
    2.24 mi

    Mimi's Cafe Restaurant Number 151

    2.24 mi from Mile Wine Company
    1 review

    Chained French Bistro Mimi's Cafe's Stockton location is in a strip mall in one of the nicer areas of Stockton. Because it is a chain, service and food quality is consistent. The outdoor seating at the Stockton location is actually quite nice and sunny.

  • 16
    1.25 mi

    Tigers Yogurt

    1.25 mi from Mile Wine Company

    I enjoy Tigers Yogurt because it's so cheap and you get a TON for what you pay for! Portions are ginormous. Pay attention to their hours because they change depending on the season/time of the year. During the summer/fall, I think they were open until 9:30pm, but now that it's winter they've changed their closing time to 9pm. Flavors also ...

  • 17
    1.8 mi

    Michaels New York Style Pizza Incorporated

    1.8 mi from Mile Wine Company
    1 review
  • 18
    2.14 mi

    China Palace Restaurant

    2.14 mi from Mile Wine Company
    1 review

    Located in a strip mall, China Palace is surprisingly good. They have a to-go section as well as huge banquet rooms. The interior decorations is definitely a walk back in time with the traditional red and gold lacquer tiles and dragon and phoenix motifs. The food (dim sum and dinner) is good and service is typical of most Chinese restaurants...efficient!

  • 19
    1.71 mi

    Angelina's Spaghetti House

    1.71 mi from Mile Wine Company
    1 review

    A family oriented and traditional Italian restaurant, Angelina's service is friendly and coming here is like being with family. The dining area although is in need of updating but the ambiance is warm and endearing. The food's portions are huge and this is such a great value on both the food and drinks/wines.

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  • 20
    2.39 mi

    Marie Callender's

    2.39 mi from Mile Wine Company
    1 review
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