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This is a traditional mountai village at an altitude of 400m, 28km from Volos. The combination of natural beauty and tourist development result in Milies being a perfect place for vacations. You can walk along the cobble-stoned paths and see the old houses, mansions and spring water fountains. You must visit the railway station. It is here that the steam train Moutzouris-Smudgy reaches its destination. In 1895 one of the most beautiful and difficult railway lines was built, with the help of local workmen. The original length of the rails was 29km from Volos. Today however, only 16km is still in use, and runs from Lehonia to Milies. From the train you will find a truly magical view, where you will see two, three and four arched bridges, which are surrounded by a stunning green background.


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Aliases: Μηλιές