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    Santa Cruz

    129 reviews

    Santa Cruz is the little surf town that made me fall in love with California at the age of fifteen. The boardwalk riddled with carnival rides where the 80s movie The Lost Boys was filmed, and the beaches full of surfers was exactly what I always imagined California would be like. Now I frequent Santa Cruz as a Californian surfer, ...

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    125 reviews

    Take a walk along Canney Row, go for a delicious meal at Louie Linguini's, dip your toes in the sea and go and visit the sealions by the marina. There are lots of things to see here and a good trip to pair with Carmel which is just up the road.

  • 3

    Monterey Peninsula

    5 reviews

    Monterey, Carmel and 17 miles road- a must!

  • 4


    82 reviews

    There is a little something for everyone in Carmel. Gorgeous windswept California beaches? Check. Art galleries filled with well-known and up-and-coming artists and sculptors? Yep. Add to that great restaurants, sumptuous hotels and a one-of-a-kind outdoor theater in town, multiplied by Big Sur, Monterey, the 17-Mile Drive and monarch butterflies within an hour's drive, and you've got a full-service vacation ...

  • 5

    Santa Cruz and the Slow Coast

    4 reviews

    Can't say enough good things about Santa Cruz! Fun and Sun!

  • 6

    Pacific Grove

    16 reviews

    A little foggy for my taste, but otherwise a charming coastal community with first-rate access to some of the most breathtaking dive sites in the Monterey Bay. It can feel like middle America with all its old Victorian's, but this spot is an oceanographer's Mecca and home to Stanford's Hopkins Marine Station. I could imagine growing old along this stretch ...

  • 7


    17 reviews

    This wharf isn't very big so it can get crowded. Fishing is allowed and nearby are the little cottages that can be rented. The beach next to the wharf can get packed on a hot day.

  • 8


    4 reviews

    If you are willing to drive 30 min north of Monterey, Aptos is a great destination. Take Route 1 to exit 435 and travel down to Beach Ave. Bring your wet suit and a boogie board/surf board and you will have a great day. Be warned that it is likely foggy in the morning but almost always burns off my ...

  • 9

    Pebble Beach

    30 reviews

    We loved Pebble Beach April 3, 2012

  • 10

    Carmel Valley

    16 reviews

    It was a cold night and we spotted a beautiful sight of the moon. The clouds around it looked rainbow! We heard that if you find a moon stone in front of a cave by the sea that means a wish giving mermaid lives their and you can make a wish by putting it under your pillow. But the way ...

  • 11

    Moss Landing

    8 reviews

    Moss Landing is a tiny town north of Monterey on Hwy 1. If you travel up 1 instead of turning right toward 101, you'll go by Moss Landing. I like stopping here for lunch and to look at the otter rafts that take refuge in Elkhorn Slough.

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    14 reviews

    Been out to Gilroy for the yearly Garlic festival a few times and always have a good time. The festival has a great vibe and is a lot of fun. I also had my car breakdown in Gilroy once as I drove up to San Jose and had to spend the night here. There's not much going on here when ...

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  • 14

    Boulder Creek

    3 reviews

    A hellhole, infested with rednecks. This place should be so great. It's a beautiful woman with a personality disorder. Is it drugs, or disenchanted former loggers, or the not-so-hidden white power factions? It's just not a healthy place. It is hard to fathom why this town is so crunky. The redwood trees are beautiful, the proximity to the fantastic Big ...

  • 15


    13 reviews

    Seaside is a dinky little beach town next to Monterey. There's nothing else going on there.

  • 16


    7 reviews

    Marina is almost a suburb of the more popular Monterey. As you come in on Hwy 1 going north, you're probably looking toward the beach, so you don't notice the strip malls and cheap housing on the other side of the highway.

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    11 reviews

    A great place to go trick or treating and lots more!!!!! :-)

  • 18


    1 review

    they grow great strawberries

  • 19


    6 reviews

    Davenport is beautiful and wild. Walk along the bluffs overlooking the ocean and you will more likely than not see migrating whales spouting. If you descend to the beaches bring some layers as it gets cold anytime, and dont forget to pack your trash out. Be very careful swimming here, the water is treacherous as well as very cold. The ...

  • 20

    San Juan Bautista

    3 reviews

    San Juan Bautista is a small quaint town on the way towards the Bay Area. The main attraction here is Mission San Juan Bautista, one of the many Spanish Missions that were built when Spain owned California.

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