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Julia P recommended Bolshoi Theatre
Bolshoi TheatreTeatralnaya Square 1, Moscow 125009, Russia
This storied theatre is as gigantic in person as its name implies (bolshoi means big in Russian). Whether you're a ballet fan or no, it's a must.
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Julia P

Hey there, while not exactly off the beaten track, the Bolshoi theatre has been seeing some dramatic action among the dancers this year, and is definitely worth seeing and catching a performance if possible.

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Julia P recommended Hotel Metropol
Hotel Metropol 1/4 Teatral'nyy proyezd, Moscow 109012, Russia
One of Moscow's historic hotels, the Metropol has an ornate interior, English speaking staff, harp music at breakfast and piano in the evening.
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Julia P

Also, for the historic hotel hit, stop at the Metropol for tea or a drink. It's really beautiful, opulent - and old. :-)

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