Mountain View

22 reviews

lived here for a couple years.. kind of boring but a nice place.. not many crazy people around and very clean. really there is only the castro street there with some happenings.

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  • 1

    Los Altos

    California, USA
    4 reviews

    Los Altos Art and Wine festival today (July 15th). Good times!

  • 2


    California, USA
    16 reviews

    I avoid Sunnyvale unless I have business there. It's close to the Silicon Valley stuff, but there are much better things to do in the area.

  • 3


    California, USA
    29 reviews

    The university campus offers a wonderful place to walk or bike. There are museums, galleries, architecture to enjoy.

  • 4

    Half Moon Bay

    California, USA
    84 reviews

    Half Moon Bay, California is a peaceful place to fish. It is about 15-20 miles away from San Francisco, but it is well worth the drive.

  • 5


    California, USA
    3 reviews

    This town is full of gorgeous mansions with sprawling yards behind huge designer gates. Long driveways, quiet streets shaded under tall, plush trees. Peaceful neighborhoods, fancy cars, a nice neighborhood for walking around and taking in the brisk air. If I could afford to live here.. which is likely never, I wouldn't hesitate for one minute.

  • 6

    San Jose

    California, USA
    88 reviews

    Rating cities is all about personal experience. I'm not a native of California, but for me it's all about the feeling of family and home I get when here. I visit San Jose nearly every year and I enjoy it every time (but it's also mainly about enjoying it with the people you're with, and for me that means family). ...

  • 7

    Menlo Park

    California, USA
    41 reviews

    Stole it! Great city, just a bit on the quiet edge ... if it was a bit more lively downtown I think everyone would enjoy it a bit more. Can be super quiet after 9:00 p.m. every day. Might be too quiet for some people.

  • 8

    Redwood City

    California, USA
    12 reviews

    I have fallen in love with Redwood City over the last year. I have visited 5-6 times and the weather has been fantastic. Nice, clear skies in the mornings, and in the winter there's a fine chill. The perfect weather for cozy PJ's, and a lighting the fireplace. Great plazas to shop, friendly residents, access to freeways, many parks available ...

  • 9


    California, USA
    4 reviews

    Lovely neighborhood; quiet, woody: lined streets with in tall trees. It's full of nice, well-kept homes. Great for running!

  • 10

    San Mateo

    California, USA
    13 reviews

    Quiet neighborhoods with lovely homes, great for newlyweds and raising children. A nice downtown area with coffee shops and good take-out food options!

  • 11

    Santa Clara

    California, USA
    16 reviews

    One of the most historic cities in the South Bay. Home to Santa Clara University, the Mission and the future home of the San Francisco 49ers. They messed up on downtown here. Currently City Hall is located out of the way off Harrison St and the rest of the real downtown is over on Main Street and Homestead. You'd never ...

  • 12


    California, USA
    15 reviews

    Great family city with top schools in the South Bay. Extremely good area to raise a family. Apple headquarters is located here. There are a few local wineries, my favorite is Picchetti.

  • 13


    California, USA
    5 reviews

    Milpitas is an allright city. It's a pretty decent place to live, if they only improved the downtown a bit it'd be then a great place to be.

  • 14

    San Carlos

    California, USA
    3 reviews

    San Carlos is the suburb just south of Belmont and the former home of the Circle Star Theater, a local favorite when I lived in these parts. San Carlos is relatively small and affluent, with one main draw being Laurel Street with all its cool little restaurants and shops.

  • 15

    Los Gatos

    California, USA
    4 reviews

    They have a great Farmers market every Sunday!

  • 16


    California, USA
    7 reviews
  • 17


    California, USA
    8 reviews

    This city only gets two stars and that's for Mission Peak hiking trail. Otherwise even one star would be an overstatement. This city seriously smells, literally!

  • 18

    Portola Valley

    California, USA
    1 review
  • 19


    California, USA
    9 reviews

    There is Southland Mall in Hayward and a lot of restaurants to choose from. Even the nightlife is starting to pick up and there are a handful of cool clubs in the downtown area where you can party.

  • 20

    Foster City

    California, USA
    4 reviews

    Strategically located right at the intersection of the US101and CA92, Foster City is very convenient for shopping, dining, and living. For the shoppers: there's Target, Costco, Ranch99, Home Depot (I think all needs are covered here). For dining: from chains like Mimi's, BJs, Chevys to numerous tasty small shops are available. For living: one can find serenity in lagoon front ...

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